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The Bernedoodle

Designer Bernedoodle Dog

A Designer Breed

The bernedoodle is a designer breed created by the crossing of a Bernese Mountain Dog & a Poodle. We only breed the standard size. Bernedoodles temperament & hair coat tends to be quite similar to that of the Goldendoodle. Most Bernedoodles have a moderate activity level. They love to play, run, & hike. A Bernedoodle may or may not like to swim. The standard Bernedoodle is expected to mature around : weight 70-90 lbs. height 23" & up. Life expectancy is 10-15 years.

The Bernedoodle is considered to be low to non-shedding (but they will shed their puppy hair). The Poodle does not shed. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat that sheds quite heavily. Your F1 Bernedoodle is 50/50, and may or may not shed. Bernedoodle coloring varies from all black, black & white, tri-colored (black, tan and white), brindles, and sables. We breed for the tri-colored pups.

Bernedoodle Offspring

F1 Bernedoodle = offspring of a Poodle mated with a Bernese Mountain Dog
F1B Bernedoodle = offspring of a Poodle or Bernese mated with a Bernedoodle
F2 Bernedoodle = offspring of the mating of two F1B Bernedoodles