Bernedoodle Testimonials


Please find the spay documentation attached and let us know if anything further is needed. We adopted Kona (formerly Vanna) back in June. She is such a sweet, goofy girl. She is 7 months and about 60 lbs. I?ve attached some photos. Thanks again! "
- Michielle | November 2017

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Hi Sorry it's taken so long to give you an update. Yogi (formerly Harmony) is almost 8 months old and doing amazingly well! She's a total lovebug cuddler with the sweetest and happiest disposition. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her! Whenever we're out people want to know what breed she is and where we got her. Unfortunately, she lost almost all of her black highlights except on her ears and tail, but she's still incredibly adorable! Thankfully she's weighing in around 50 lbs (and hoping she doesn't get much larger). Her biggest vice if she has to have one, would definitely be her shrill barking and total toy destruction! She's very LOUD when she wants something but quiets down after she gets whatever she wants! She was very easy to potty train and loves food so she responds pretty well when training. Other than her barking, she's an incredibly easy dog who just has to be by our sides 24/7. We couldn't be happier with our selection!! Here are a few pictures of her growing up as well as her Spay certificate (which I keep forgetting to send you.) Thanks for raising such loving family members! We're looking forward to a (super long!) lifetime of love and affection with our sweet fur baby! "
- Wielansky | November 2017

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Hello Attached is a copy of Harper's (Brie) spay certificate and some updated photos. She is truly amazing and a blessing to our family. We all love her so much. She is so playful and smart! She loves to gives big Harper hugs! She gets out to hike and run every day. Her agility is off the charts! She has so many doggie friends. Her hind legs are starting to show the grey like her dad! At 8 months she is only 46lbs. According to your testimonials her brother Watson was 65lbs at 6 months! Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family. She is well loved! "
- Enners | November 2017

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"We got Tyreece (now Hunter) July 2016. Do any of his litter mates send pictures or make contact? He is such a great dog I am curious if his brothers and sister are the same. He is over 100#'s now. And is awesome. We have a labradoodle who is his buddy. Thanks again,"
- Chris and Kristina Martinez | November 2017

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"Kia arrived safe and sound in VT. She smelled good and was still very clean."
- Zeiglers | November 2017

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"Hi I wanted to send you the confirmation of Harley's neutering - he is doing great! He's 6 1/2 mos old and is 53#. Our vet estimates he'll end up just under 70#. After his initial health drama, he's done great; he's very healthy and happy and active. We love him so much! Here's some pictures of him for your site. Thanks for a great dog! "
- Elaine | October 2017

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"I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to update you on Mabel (formerly Velvet) Schneider. I have never met a dog with more personality than Miss Mabel. She has so much energy and life and makes us laugh every day. We just love her to pieces! She was just spayed on Tuesday and so far is doing very well. Hopefully just a couple more days left with the e-collar!! She is not a fan... I have attached the receipt as proof of her spaying for your records. There will be no little Mabels running around Dublin! I have also attached new pictures of Mabel. She just adores her big sister, Bella, and loves to chase her brother, Winston :) Please let me know if you need any further information regarding her spaying. she is about 48 lbs as of her spaying on Tuesday! Is that in-line with other puppies from her litter (born 4/12)? I'm guessing she will be about 80 lbs... I remembered you saying you were interested to see how her hair turned out... She has the craziest hair I have ever seen haha. The hair on her body is super thick and soft and almost water repellant while the tan hair on feet is very coarse. She also has these hilarious little hairs that curl around the crown of her head. She is cute as a button :) "
- Amy | October 2017

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"Hi I hope this email finds you well. I can't believe our puppy (Valor) now named Boomer is already 6 months old!! Wow! How time flies. He is doing great - we all have such a wonderful life together - we are truly blessed. Thank you for such a wonderful dog! We love him so much!!

Enclosed, please find neuter paperwork, he was neutered yesterday and is recovering well. I have also enclosed a few recent pics. The white German shepherd in the pic is his brother Bear. Thanks again! Love,"
- The Guenthers | October 2017

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"Hi Our Archie (previously Vince), is a fluffy, adorable 6 month old and is weighing in at a sturdy 65 pounds! We adore him! He's certainly growing up, check out the pictures !"
- The Schreck Family | October 2017

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"I want to let you know Larry is now fully certified to do bed visits at Lurie Children's Hospital. He worked for the first time last week and he was a pro!!!"
- Nancy | October 2017

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"Hello! I wanted to send you some of Winston's (aka Warren) latest photos. He'?'s doing great, very healthy and a super sweet puppy! He is proving to be easy to train as well. let's hope that sticks!! :) We are all enjoying him very much! I wanted to let you know that I have not yet received an email from his microchip company. Was I supposed to do something, contact them, or were they going to contact me after you registered him? In the excitement of meeting our new puppy and surprising our kids with him, I must have forgotten what was supposed to happen concerning the microchip! Thanks, and I appreciate your help with this!"
- Paula | October 2017

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"Hi! I just wanted to tell you that we love our puppy Humphrey "Wyatt". We adopted Wyatt in April 2017. His parents were Koda and Cooper. He is extremely smart, calm, friendly and on the large side. He is now 7 months old and about 80+lbs. We love him!! Thank you!"
- Jen | September 2017

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"Hi! We just wanted to update you on Willow (now named Bean). She is doing great! She's healthy and growing too fast! I've attached a few pictures too!"
- Laura and Jason | September 2017

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"Hi !! We keep meaning to check in, but life has us blessed and so busy! Wanted to send you some pictures and updates of "Bart", now Watson... See pics below...he's turned into an old man! He's lost his brown, it's gone grey, and his jet black has faded into a charcoal grey. Weird! But, love him. We've also noticed he has somewhat of a resting tremor, has anyone else ever inquired about this? Our neighbor bernedoodle also has one, so just wondering if it's unique and more common with this breed? He's at 65 pounds now! 6 months. How much does your bernedoodle weigh?"
- Stephanie, Conner, and Watson | September 2017

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"We did keep his name as Finnigan. He is still learning his name but he's doing well! I will attach a few photos below. He just went to the vet last night and got his second round of shots due to Cheryl getting the first round. Do you need some sort of documentation for the records? Let me know if you have any other questions. We have a lot of photos in the car because he likes to ride along with me. Most days I take him to work with me."
- Teddy | September 2017

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Good morning, Just wanted to send over Mily's Spay Certificate. Surgery was three weeks ago, and she healed tremendously! A healthy, happy dog! :)"
- The Paskett's | September 2017

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"New puppy picture. Diesel Mac got his first hair cute. He's doing really well. He bring us lots of joy and laughter. Thanks so much! "
- Mary Beth | September 2017

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"Hi! How are you? We are doing great here with Clifford (aka Teddy), and love him so much. He's already getting so big -- 38 lbs as of today's visit to the vet! I wanted to ask you a quick question just out of curiosity (since the vet asked me and I couldn't answer)... how many lbs are Tula and Sawyer, Cliff's parents? Whenever you have a moment to shoot me a quick note, I'd appreciate it. He's SO much bigger now but somehow I don't seem to have any newer photos. Must do that soon!! Thanks again! "
- Katherine | August 2017

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"Just an update...loving our pup! She's adorable, loving and trouble...all rolled into one! She's so smart. She sits, gives paw and stays. Thank you for such a beautiful blessing. "
- Jennifer | August 2017

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"Just wanted to send an update and some pictures. Dakota (Nicole) just had her second vet visit and is doing great! She has double her weight in 3 weeks, weighing 20lbs right now. She is a total joy! Almost completely potty trained with starting to ring the bell to go out. She is so smart. She is amazing with the kids and other dogs. She loves to wrestle with her golden retriever and lab sisters. We just love her! She has been an amazing addition to the family. Thank you!"
- The Frechette Family | August 2017

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"Hello I hope you are doing well and had an enjoyable summer. We cannot thank you enough for being so informative back in May and helping us get our puppy. Harvey, also known as Hunter, is such a fun boy. We can't picture our life without him now. For about 95% of the time, he is so sweet and only wants to be loved or right beside us. The other 5%, the puppy comes out and he is WILD! (In a very good and playful way-which we can tell from the look in his eyes ?) He loves exploring, chewing, is SO interested in watching kids play or laugh, playing fetch and chasing his ball, swimming (sometimes), and recently, he loves to shake and show off his new trick (because treats are involved). I have attached many photos of him because he is just so adorable ? !! Again, thank you Angel Breeze Puppies. We are so happy with our handsome boy. Sincerely,"
- Adam, Mallory and Harvey | August 2017

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"Good morning! I just wanted to let you know how Benji (formerly Nate) is doing. He's such a sweet pup. He is so well behaved, sleeps at the night so well, and is on his way to being completely potty trained! Such a wonderful addition to our household. He's up to 14 lbs and has his second vet visit/round of vaccinations coming this week. I'll be sure to send you the paperwork from his visit from July 21. You'll see his curly hair is coming through, along with some incredible bed head. It fits his goofy attitude. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog."
- The McCues | August 2017

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"Chance aka Willy"
- Moore | August 2017

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"Here is Natasha with my kids! They love her! We named her Coco."
- Carolina | July 2017

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" He's doing well We are too attached and will be keeping him. Thank you for your efforts I really appreciate it"
-Cooper | July 2017

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"Hi, Aslan (formerly Hudson) the Bernedoodle is wonderful! I love how people focused and affectionate he is! He's also super smart and did a great job with potty training and is a fast learner in puppy class. Besides all that, he is just pure joy to be around and is getting cuter by the day! Thanks for everything!"
- Kieffer | July 2017

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"Tanner is on his way to his new home!!"
- Watson Family | June 2017

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"Hi, attached is a copy of our vet receipt from June 9. We have also attached a picture of Levi (aka Vance). Thanks."
- Williams | June 2017

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"Hi I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to let you know that Oakley (Ramone the bernedoodle), is still the most fabulous dog ever. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and wants to take him home with them! He's still a happy boy, everyday. We would love to connect with any of his siblings from the February 2014 litter, and have play dates! Please feel free to give our email address if anyone would like to connect with us. Here are a few pictures of our Oakley. Take care!"
- Quin and Matthew Bissell| June 2017

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"Vinny is home. He is great! He is exploring and getting lots of Love. We have decided to keep his name. It fits him. "
- Scott | June 2017

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"Hi I wanted to touch base regarding the June 1, 2017 neutering deadline in my contract for Sanders (formerly Kleo from Tula and Sawyer's litter). Sanders is doing well at eight months old, and weighs 76 pounds. He is a true delight. He's a little wet and dirty in the first photo, but I promise we groom him regularly! Thank you!"
- Williams | June 2017

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"Hello, I know it's long overdue, here is a picture of our great Bernedoodle Ripley (formerly Ramsey). He turned 3 years old in February. He has been a great addition to our family and is great with the kids and he loves everyone he meets. He is now around 80 pounds but thinks he is a lap dog. Thanks,"
- Baranyi Family | June 2017

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"Hi, Hope you are well. I saw you have some new litters coming up. Congratulations!
As part of our agreement, we were to send you verification when our pup was neutered. Baxter aka Koko was neutered yesterday. I will forward under a separate email.
I've also sent a picture of Baxter. He is such a joy to us. He is very playful and energetic, loves other dogs and people!! We love him very much! He is now 7 months old and 69 pounds! This is a picture when he was about 4 months. He also got his first haircut. We thought he was getting too fat until after his cut we then realized he is very long and thin and built almost like a greyhound."
- Morris | May 2017


"They are settling in very nicely! We love our new four legged Friends.
Lara (retired Bernese Mountain Dog, and Mother to Rollie, aka Bruno the bernedoodle) "
- The Drumms | May 2017

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"Hey there! I just wanted to give you an update on Finley! We love her! She is amazing with both our boys-a little crazy around the baby but so protective-I think she thinks she's the momma 😉

She's super smart-she potty trained really quickly and we have an invisible fence she literally only had to get corrected one time and now she never crosses the border. She is still very much a puppy and super crazy-we try to exercise her a lot and she is starting to listen better. She does have chronic ear infections and we have to pluck her ear hair religiously (which she hates) or they get really bad-but that is her only "health" issue and I was researching it and I do believe it's an issue with the breed.

Anyways I just wanted to follow up with you! "
- Kristaleen | April 2017

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"We just wanted to let you know how much we love little "Rocco", aka Warren. When he first saw us at the airport through his kennel, he knew he was ours! He licked our fingers through the kennel bars, and could hardly wait to get out and into our arms. He rode all the way home from the airport in my husband's arms in the front seat. He snuggled all the way, a 45-minute drive. He was so sleepy from the long day of travel, but very relieved to be in his new home. He immediately ate a full cup of the Royal Canin Maxi Puppy, and drank and drank his water. We stayed up for most of the night just cuddling him and making him feel welcome and safe. By the next day, he was starting to learn his way around our house and getting more comfortable romping and playing all around. By Monday, the 2nd day, he had already learned to ring the "potty bell" hanging from our door, to tell us he needed to go to the bathroom outside. If he couldn't hold it, he would go on the training pad we set by the door. He had a few "accidents" as well, but it was all part of the learning process. My husband also trained him to sit and lay, and he learned immediately. We are amazed at what a quick learner he is! He is now almost completely potty trained, only going on the mat very occassionally if he can't hold it, but he knows to go outside. No more accidents at all! He also sleeps through the night, and only wakes us in the morning around the time we get up anyway, to let us know he needs to go out. We are again amazed how fast he learned this and is letting us sleep! During the days, he loves to play with his puppy chew toys, chew on anything and everything in sight including our fingers and toes :), lie on the cool tile floor instead of his puppy bed, go for short walks, and meet other dogs and people in the neighborhood, especially children. He is definitely the perfect companion dog, as he loves loves loves people! He was a star patient at his first visit to our vet! Everyone there loved him, and of course he loves them right back! :). He is growing like a weed! And not to mention his fluffy hair, which is coming in very thick and wavy! It's funny how after a few days, he woke up one morning with a curly head like his mama... it's so cute to see different traits from both his mama and daddy. We think he got the best of both :). We are looking forward to seeing how he continues to grow and learn even more, and we are so thankful that Rocco is now a part of our family!

Please see the attached picture... it's a small collage of some of our memories from Rocco's first week with us! Thank you for making our dream of having a beautiful, loyal, loving family pet a reality! "
- Cara and Rod | April 2017


"Hello! I'm Lauren, Adams girlfriend/ Whitmans new Mom! I just wanted to thank you for helping Adam through the process and introduce myself to you. We chose Bernie for his name and he is doing great so far, we already love him so much. Everyone has been asking me about how big he will get and I'm so curious to know how much his parents weigh? Again, thank you so much for everything! Here's a couple pictures of the cutie. "
- Lauren and Adam | April 2017


"Just wanted to send a quick update and thank you for our wonderful, Bernedoodle Ivy (formerly Rosa). She just turned three in February and we adore her. She obviously enjoys the snow, but enjoys the beach in the summer as well. Our family adores her and everyone who meets her is a friend for life. She is goofy and sweet, a 70 pound gentle giant who wants to be a lap dog. Thank you again for bringing her into our lives."
- The Maxwell Family | April 2017

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"Hi there. My kids were "worried" that our pups mom wanted to see her picture and made me promise to send this to you :) here's an updated picture of Lyla (formerly known as Gladdy). She's 5 months old, 50 lbs, and an absolute doll. We joke that her name should be "her majesty" because she's treated like royalty around here. We love her and she's an indispensable part of our family. Hope all is well."
- The Crossans | March 2017


"Here is Boomer (formerly as Bailey) at 5 months. He is approx. 50#"
- The Schaefers | March 2017

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Briggs and Bella

"We cheered hard but our team didnt win the superbowl! Xoxoxox Briggs (newfypoo) and Bella (bernedoodle)"
- The Woodwards | February 2017

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"Hi I hope you are having a nice New Year so far. I could not be happier with Finn (from Nova's 4/26/16 litter... previously named Kennedy). He is about 85 lbs and 28in tall at 9 months :) could not love him more... the perfect combination qualities. My good friend is interested in a Bernedoodle (F1, like Finn) and a Bernese Mt Dog mix. Is this something that you ever have? If not - do you know anything about that particular combination? In terms of shedding, temperament, life span, etc? I told her how happy I am with the breed and that I would see if you need anything about that F1B variant :) Let me know if you have any thoughts. I hope you are well! Would love the chance to pass through sometime; my boyfriend is from southeastern OH and pass by that way. Kind Regards,"
-Katy | January 2017

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"Hi!! I wanted to send you an update of "Molly" now our Madelynn (bernedoodle)!! Having a puppy sure has been an adventure, but a terrific adventure. This was her first snow experience and we can't get her to come inside and stop eating it!! Christmas was great and she has her favorite ice cream squeaker.She goes to work with Dad and has her own following of customers. Everyone just loves her and she loves everyone. She has the perfect temperament for our lifestyle, ready to go and ready to chill out. She too is our "Lovebug". I tell my boyfriend all the time what a great job he did picking her out. We can't imagine life with out her now and am thrilled with adding her to our family.?Thank you so much for all the help and ability in putting her into our lives. I tell everyone what a wonderful experience we had with you. Hope you had a great holiday season! I already told my boyfriend you had more litters coming!!! Thank you again,"
-Lauren and Joe | January 2017

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"We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the AMAZING puppy we got from you. We have a Bernedoodle named Walter(birth name: Felix) who was born November 3, 2015. He recently had his one year birthday and we also celebrated his "gotcha day"(day we brought him home 1/8). My boyfriend surprised me with Walter and he has been a great addition for us. He has quite the personality and tries his best to understand what we are saying- cue the head tilt! He LOVES the snow and usually cries because he can't get enough of it! Rolling around in the snow and burying his face in it are his favorite. Our favorite thing is to smooch his snout! We are so impressed with him and our experience that we are looking to get another one- be ready for our name on the list soon! Thank you again for giving us another member of our family! I have attached pictures for you to see how much he has grown! :) P.S. EVERYONE loves him so much that he has his own instagram account: walterthebernedoodle "
-Ryan & Colleen | January 2017

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Carmen Ohio

"I wanted to share some pictures of Carmen (bernedoodle). She is growing so fast - 19 pounds at her vet's appointment last week (12-17). She loves to be brushed and her paws cleaned when we come in from our walks. We are still working on the puppy biting but she is getting better. I am amazed how fast she picks up new things. She climbed out of her playpen after just one week so she stays on a leash by my side. Her bean bag is behind my desk and her place when I am working. I have learned when she barks, its time to go out - NOW! She is training me too :) I cannot image my life without her - she is perfect in every way!! Hope you and your family have a Happy and Healthy New Year!! I know mine will be with Carmen!!! Thank you!!
- Ganene | December 2016

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Teddy Bear

"Hi I wanted to send an update with pics. Our Teddy Bear, the bernedoodle is about 10 months now. He is a serious love bug and has to be as close to me as possible, he lies between me and the cabinets while I am working on the computer, pictures of this are included, I'm not sure how he can squeeze himself into such a tight space but he does. We have been working with a trainer and Teddy Bear is doing really well, this is the first bernedoodle our trainer has worked with and he thinks he is very smart and pretty calm for a puppy of his age, and of course I agree. We have had a big sewer and gas line project on our street with many workers, Teddy Bear is quite famous with them. When I take him for walks they all come up and say hi to us and people driving by often stop and ask what kind of dog he is. He prances with the leash in his mouth right next to me and doesn't pull, it probably looks quite funny to passers by. He is truly an awesome dog. Happy Holidays to you and yours"
- The Bolognas | December 2016

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"Thought you might like to see pictures. Schatzi (bernedoodle) went to the groomer yesterday for her first bath. Amazing how fluffy she came out compared to the bath we give her. She is quite a clown with a wonderful disposition. She and Emma Leigh are great companions having fun playing and relaxing. As you can see they are spoiled rotten!! Schatzi is about 54+ pounds now, and gains 2 pounds a week."
- Pam & Gary | December 2016

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"Georgie! (bernedoodle) We're naming her after George Washington... :) She is such a sweetheart and adjusting well. "
- Hicks | November 2016

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"Here is a picture of Milo (bernedoodle) with our family. He is over 20lbs now and doing great. Happy Halloween!!"
- Detmers | October 2016


"Hi, Sorry for the delay sending you some updated pics. Lacey (bernedoodle,formerly Kara) is over 5 months now and weighs about 45 pounds. She is such a wonderful addition to our family and we love her more every day! Pics are of her after her first grooming appointment last Friday."
- Blackburns | October 2016

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"Hi! Just a quick note to let you know how Zeke, a bernedoodle (formally Kirby) is doing. Can I just start by saying how much we all LOVE him!? He fits right in with our family! He is constantly with someone, if we walk out of the room he will whine until he gets our attention again! Although, the family misses him just as much when we are away. Our youngest daughter Scarlett, the one you may remember from when we picked him up was 'afraid' of dogs...well, she insists he wakes her up everyone morning with puppy kisses and as soon as I pick her up from day camp says "I missed my Zeke so much today!". He is a such a cuddler, especially with mom (total mommas boy)! But he is also very playful! His favorite game is tug of war although he just started playing fetch with his ball and loves it! He knows his name, is getting down some commands already (come & no, which we say a lot to this little chewer!). He is starting to pick up on the potty training and is hilarious that he will not go #2 anywhere except the front yard. We took him to our sons All-Star baseball game and he was the hit in the crowd and did so well meeting so many people...except in those 5 hours, he wouldn't go #2 even though he had to, until we were home and in the front yard. We sure did laugh at that! He LOVES to go for walks in the neighborhood and does so well on a leash. He stays right next to us. We did an entire mile yesterday and he wanted to keep going! He enjoys treats, sleeping on his back with paws up in the air and belly rubs! Oh and he barks when he plays or is cute! Thank you so much for our Zeke. He has completed our family and we just adore him!"
- Smith Family | July 2016

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"Hi, Here is Bella, a bernedoodle (Previously know as Hannah). She was born January 2. She is an absolute doll! We adore her! Thank you!"
- Kennedy family | July 2016


"Thank you so much for Martin a phantom colored bernedoodle, (aka Karl). him and Nugget are already starting to bond! I'll try and get a video of Nugget helping Martin with the steps."
- Lindsey | July 2016


"We just picked up Delilah (now Ruby, a Bernedoodle) at the airport. We have now bathed her and she is playing and getting to know her big sister Gracie (also a bernedoodle from Angel Breeze). She is beautiful! She is adjusting well & is just as sweet as you said."
- Nunez Family | June 2016

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"Hi, Here is an update of Toby /Donovan on the website (bernedoodle). He is almost 4 months old and is 20 pounds! He is very smart, gentle, laid back, and he is very happy. He goes to work everyday of the week with his dad. He loves to play with our cat, Lizzy, but Lizzy hits him with her front paws(no nails in the front). Although Lizzy just lays on the ground so she gets into the mess. Toby doesn't know his own size so he is a little bit rough with Lizzy. Here are some pictures of Toby!"
- The Strauss family in Shaker Heights | June 2016

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"Here is the surprise! We just love her!"
- Baucco family Rosie(bernedoodle) | June 2016


"We wanted to let you know that Kailey (bernedoodle) made it to us safely. She seems happy so far in her new home."
- The Parks | June 2016


"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we have decided on a name for Dory (Bernedoodle). We call her Roxi. (Roxi Lallana Madigan) She has been adjusting, growing, and learning amazingly. Thank you!"
- T. Madigan | May 2016


"My husband and I purchased a bernedoodle from you back in summer 2014. We absolutely love her to death. Here are some updated pictures of her (Boo). Her 2nd birthday is tomorrow, so we plan on spoiling her like crazy! She is seriously our little baby. We hope to get a brother for her in the Fall! Is it possible to put a deposit down reserving us a top spot in litter picks for a bernedoodle litter being available Fall 2016? (the last picture was her first time at the ocean and she loved the waves!)"
- The Oaks | May 2016

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"Hi, Fenton (bernedoodle) is doing just fine, he is 69 lbs now and a wonderful companion, thank you sooo much. We have a professional trainer we train with since he was 8 weeks old and he is a fast learner. Have a great weekend."
- Don | May 2016

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"The puppy is amazing. My boys and I love him. We named him Sawyer. Thanks again"
- J.Montgomery | April 2016


"Our sweet Zoe, (bernedoodle) who is now 19 months old. She goes everywhere with us. She absolutely loves being in the car. She is such a fabulous dog. She is the best family companion and is ever so calm and gentle."
- Tallons | April 2016

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"Hi! Rubie (F1 bernedoodle) turned 1 today! Thinking of you especially today. We are so happy Rubie is in our lives. She is a bundle of energy and oh so cute and soft! Here are a few pictures from her birthday party today. Rubie's parents were Obi and Nova. Her fur is unbelievably soft and her shedding is minimal. It's a different kind of shedding then I've seen with other dogs I have had before. Her hair does not come off in your hand when you pet her. I don't notice a lot of hair on my clothes or even any hair when I give her a bath. It's just everyday there will be a little tuft or two of hair, usually in the corner of the room somewhere, that I am able to just pick up by hand and throw out. Some hair is also in the brush after I brush her. I didn't notice this until after her first haircut. She did not shed at all when she was a little puppy. I really have never felt a dog so soft as her's so wonderful. She has very long and beautiful eyelashes too! Well anyway, thanks for a lovely dog!"
- The Hatgas Family | March 2016

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"Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for providing us with Dingle,(bernedoodle) who has become a beloved member of our family. He is now a little over four months old and thriving. The tiny umbilical hernia disappeared and he is happy and healthy. Thanks again, and Happy Halloween!"
- Jen, Mike, and Eleanor | November 2015


"Hi, just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know Pheona is doing great. She's up to 25 lbs and starts training next week. Hopefully she'll start sleeping thru the night. Thanks for an awesome puppy."
- Billie | July 2015

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"Sending a few pictures of Tula (Bernedoodle). She's doing great!"
- Dalia | June 2015


"We are pleased to report that Plato (Bernedoodle) is doing exceptionally well, of course making puppy mistakes, but otherwise perfect. He sleeps in his crate at night and he and our Lhasa spend plenty of time playing and being alone so he doesn't become too needy. No signs of shedding, yet :)! Of course change. I purchased a large bag of the food you recommended from the website. Right now, he is eating 2/3 a cup three times a day, but he is still VERY boney, so I may bump him up to a cup three times a day. I looked at the guidelines, but the boy is absolutely ravenous so I welcome your thoughts. As I know with a growing & active puppy it will take more. Best of all, since yesterday, his poops are nice and solid, two days in a row so I think he has made the transition! Have a great week!"
- Karl | May 2015


"Tomorow is Ripley's birthday and we wanted to share a few pics and let you know what a sweet & goofy addition to the family she has become! She is 73 pounds now, is wicked smart, and we've taught her loads of things but the best, in my opinion, is that she'll bring dropped laundry to the couch (where we sort it) on command! Very helpful! She also loves winter hikes and playing fetch and frisbee in the backyard with the kids. We've had other dogs, but she's the first to actively watch tv (Favorite show? Pitbulls and Parolees, of course). Sadly, our other dog passed away a few months ago -- Ripley was a joy to have around at a sad time. Thanks for the helping bring this lovable goofball into our family!"
- Kathy | March 2015


"Just wanted to send along some more photos of Tiger. She turned 5 months today and we love her more than ever!:)"
- Sara F. | February 2015

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"Merry Christmas from Kessel aka Dora! Almost 6months old! "
- Lauren C. | December 2014

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"Caleb is such a wonderful puppy. He has lots of energy but not too much. He never gets into anything - there are plenty of potential things for him to get into but he focuses on his toys. He is a true delight. I've had lots of puppies in my life and he has been the easiest pup to raise."
- Tim H. | December 2014

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"Hi, This is "pryia" now known as Beckett. She is 9mos. and is doing amazing. We couldn't love her more. she is about 58lbs and the softest, kindest dog ever. Thank you!"
- Lindsay F. | November 2014


"A short update on 'Gus' (Augustus). We decided to keep the name. It fit him It's only been 2 weeks and he is doing very well. Potty trained (only 2 accidents) and he sits on command. We are really enjoying him, though had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house. He has had his vet checkup. Attached is his 10 week picture. We will keep you posted. Thank you."
- John & De Y. | November 2014


"Dexter is doing great. (Yes, we kept his name! It just suits him.) He's a smart dog who is growing fast. He's almost 5 months. Training classes are going well. He is good natured, friendly, and loved by everyone he meets. We take him everywhere we can because he loves car rides. Neighbors I've never met come outside to meet him when we walk by. And we draw a crowd in public. Now if only he would stop jumping all over everyone. (We're working on that!)"
- Jackie B. | November 2014

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"Hi, we just registered Bernie. Here are some pics. We love him! Bernie is aprox 40 lbs!"
- Paul F. | November 2014

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"Hope that all is well with you. Just wanted to let you know that life is fun and funny with our Tux. "
- Steve, Louise & Tux | November 2014

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"Jag is growing like crazy he's 50 lbs., very active and happy. We've been getting him groomed/bathed on a regular basis because he loves to get dirty. He's been so much fun. And actually doesn't seem to mind getting his shots.He loves EVERYONE and we are constantly getting asked what kind of breed he is. Everyone thinks he's so cute. I will send more in a few months. Hope you are well and thank you so much for bringing Jag into our lives."
- Lori H. | October 2014