Goldendoodle Testimonials


"Just checking in to wish you Happy Thanksgiving and tell you Presley is doing really well."
- Dever Family | November 2017

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Jensen and Huntley

"Hi, I'm not sure if you remember us. We got two doodles from you back a few years ago. Jensen (standing) and Huntley (laying down). Why did you stop breeding the goldendoodles? They are the best doggies ever. I wanted to share that our boys are doing wonderful and are the best dogs ever. How cute is this? Enjoy. Hope this finds you well."
- Emilie | October 2017

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"Hey! We adopted 'Keshia' 3 years ago now Sammie. I went to your website, are you not doing Golden Doodles anymore? Sammie is doing awesome! We love her so much! Thanks again!"
- Aree Texas | June 2017

Gracie Lou

"Here is Gracie Lou (goldendoodle). She is about 45 pounds. Very tall. Total goofball, sock stealing enthusiast and acrobat. My vet says she is the happiest dog she knows. Visit her on instagram. gracielougoldendoo "
- Sullender | December 2016

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"Ben (goldendoodle) is two today. He weighs 80 lbs but is not a bit fat and looks trim. He has been a joy from the first day we got him from you. He is a Certified Good Citizen and has visited nursing homes , rehabilitation facilities , hospitals and schools. He is a very happy, sweet boy and is very affectionate and has personality plus and also very smart. So thankful we got our bundle of joy from you."
- Lemasters | November 2016

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"Here is Eddie (goldendoodle) tuckered out from his day at the spa! He is almost 3 years old."
- Sergio | October 2016

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"Hi, Wanted to let you know, Zara (goldendoodle) has been doing well. The joy of our lives."
- Miller | June 2016

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"Hello Here is a picture of Rose (goldendoodle) from last week. She is just a wonderful addition to our family! We thought you might like to know she is well and happy."
- The Curreys | March 2016

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"Our Ruby (Goldendoodle) was born a year ago tomorrow. She is so special, we love her so much and we're thankful for all the joy she brings into our lives. She's also very sweet and gets more compliments than anyone we know. We're always sure to tell people where we found her. Thank you,"
- John & Holly | January 2016

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"Just a little update on Tioga (F1 goldendoodle). It's his birthday - he is 1 year old today! We love having him in our family. He is sweet and full of fluff and energy! People stop us everywhere we go asking what kind of dog he is and admiring his sweet face. Thanks so much for providing us with a quality dog!"
- Emily | November 2015

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"Maggie (F1 goldendoodle)is doing WONDERFULLY in our family. Our 11 year old Shih Tzu has learned to keep his distance, but the cat LOVES her. They snuggle and the kitty sits still as Maggie cleans his ears out for him. (It's kind of gross to me... but the cat LOVES it!) Just wanted you to know she is safe and happy and WONDERFUL! "
- Jane | October 2015


"I just wanted to give you an update on Binx.....(F1 Goldendoodle) He is doing awesome!! 11 weeks tomorrow, potty trained and sitting on command!! We love him so much and he has brought so much joy to our family! Thank you again!!"
- The Gasts | September 2015

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"Hera is such a good dog, and is loved beyond words or pictures could ever describe! Thank you so much! She has brought so much joy to our family!"
- N. Miller | August 2015

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"Thought you would enjoy an update on Bogey (Goldendoodle). He just turned 1! Such a great dog and Haley and I are both very pleased with him. This is a picture of him sitting with his paw around my sister's dog Kona."
- Nathan | May 2015

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"Hi there Just wanted to let you know we named Morgan,"Ella" (goldendoodle) She's so perfect! Very sweet & smart. Our 4 kids love her. Here is a photo of her, now 1 yrs old. "
- H. Baker | January 2016

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"I hope this email finds you well! Please find attached a photo of Foster (Otto) Goldendoodle. He is doing really well. We are enjoying him so much. He is playful, friendly and smart! He's growing well - can't believe he's only 15 weeks old. I did want to let you know that we'd like to wait a little longer before getting another puppy. Can you apply our deposit to a puppy from a litter that is available in a few months? Our vet and others are recommending that we get Foster more fully trained before bringing on another puppy, so that they don't play off each others' bad habits!! Can you let us know what plans you have for litters that may be available in the August through October timeframe (we may consider another Golden Doodle or a Bernadoodle)? Thank you!"
- A. Lane | April 2015


"I thought that you might like to get an update on Sophie/Onella.( F1 goldendoodle) As you can see she's quite a handful. Sophie is proving to be quite a bright dog, she pills up on training very well. She loves to play and especially likes to wrestle with our golden retriever Abby."
- David | July 2015

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"Niko fits in just right. He loves our Mia. Thanks again!"
- Suellen | March 2015

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"Rudy is doing great in his new home. A few accidents but thats expected. He sleeps great and barely makes a peep when he is in his crate. He is now going in and out of the house by himself! The first few days I had to carry him as he was unsure of the step. He sits well and is learning to fetch. We took him to the vet today and everything looks great. And of course everyone adores him. I'll send you an update in a few weeks. Thanks again for our wonderful bundle of joy!"
- Lori | March 2015


"A picture of our Willow. We LOVE her...;)"
- Tracey | February 2015

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Lexi Belle

"Happy new year and I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Enclosed is a picture of our family with Lexi Belle (aka Kyra). She is everything we wanted in a dog. She has completed our family and we are so happy. Lexi is playful but at the same time pretty mellow. She loves the snow ? good thing since we get a lot of it here in Boston. Hope you are well and enjoying the winter."
- Tracy, Neil, Harry, Liam and Lexi Belle | January 2015


"Daphne (Lassie) is the center of attention in our family. Quite a personality, and she is growing up so fast! I cannot imagine not having her in our lives. Please find the pictures attached as she has grown over the past 8 months. Thank you so much!"
- Ryan Cavanaugh & Daphne | July 2014

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"Hi, I had my birthday, I'm two now. I have a boy that I love, a sissy (she's a Shitzu) that I play with and love. My Mom and Dad love me and spoil me. They tell me I'm the best dog! Take care."
- Macy & The Grant Family | September 2014


"Ally is now almost 5 months old and she has been an absolute treat to be around. Ally is growing up to become a Grief Therapy Dog in a funeral home where she will be there to comfort many of people during her lifetime. She is doing very well with her ongoing training and picks us everything quickly. I am very pleased with the quality of breeding we got with her and the exceptional customer service Angel Breeze Puppies have given us. We are highly recommending them to our future Grief Therapy Dog clients."
- Carrie R. | September 2014


"We cannot express how much we love our sweet doggie!!! Lalo (originally Cole) adds to so much happiness and love to our life. He loves the outdoors, like hiking, running through creeks, playing at parks, etc. Lalo gets along so well with other dogs and is fantastic with kids. Not only is Lalo a snuggly guy, but he is hilarious too! He has so much personality and keeps us laughing all the time. Thank you!!! "
- Rachel Reilly | June 2014

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"Erma, This past weekend we celebrated Crosby's 1st Birthday. Crosby weighs 70lbs. He is such a playful energetic and smart dog. Also, so darn cute!! We couldn't be happier with him. We are truly blessed to have such a sweet boy."
- Derrick and Lisa | April 2014

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"Hi Erma! Thought I'd share how Lucy is doing! I taught her sit, down and stay within the first two week of having her. She's so smart! Potty training is challenging but she is learning. I'm teaching her to ring a bell at the door to be let out. She is being socialized with a big group of puppies in a puppy class put on by my vet and boy does she love it. Thank you so much again. I absolutely love her :)"
- K Batson | February 2014


"We purchased Alf in July 2013. He was Fred on the website. Alf likes to play and run; he is a very energetic dog. Alf is very smart. He goes anywhere we go. He does very well with other dogs and people. We couldn't be happier with him."
- Adam & Amy | February 2014


"Erma, Just found you address and wanted to show you how grown up Mia is! Almost 1 year old! Dressed up for Trick or Treating! She has been such a joy to our family! We all love her so much!! I was wondering if you had any pictures of her mom and dad or siblings? Kids keep asking me. They are curious as to what Mia's family looks like! Thanks for such a great gift!"
- The Wonderling Family | December 2013

"WE HAVE HER!!! She is absolutely gorgeous! So in love! Cannot thank you enough. Will send you a pic.!"
- L Baird | December 2013


"Hi, Shaggy (Teddy) is a very good dog and sure is lots of company. He follows me everywhere and wants to be close to me. Enjoy the pictures. Will send some more later as I think he is going to be a big boy."
- Norma | August 2013


"Attached are a few pictures of Millie (Daisy on the website). She is now 12 weeks and weighs 16 pounds. She is a great puppy and she is learning fast. She loves all people and she loves to play with other dogs. She brings so much joy into our lives and we are so blessed to have found her on your farm. Thank you!"
- August 2013