Newfypoo Testimonials


"I hope one day you guys do newfypoos again. Our Obi is literally the perfect dog. He has been so amazing since we got him, and once we had our son we realized just how special he was. Liam, our son, can crawl all over him, jump on him and all sorts of things. Obi doesn't even flinch. I know all owners say their dog is amazing, but anyone that meets Obi says he is the best dog they ever met. If you ever sell them again, we'd love to know. Here are some recent photos of him. Obi is now 6 1/5 years."
- Anika | September 2020

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"Update on Minnie, Newfypoo from fall of 2015, now 3.5 years old. She is the best dog ever. She is gentle, loyal, and our daughter's best friend. We would take another if you were still breeding them. Any chance you will start again? Hope all is well."
- A. Davis | March 2019

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"Hank (formerly Elton,Newfypoo) is now almost 16 months old, approx. 65 lbs and such a wonderful addition to our house. He is very smart, and still such a mama's boy! He still loves to chew on anything in a bathroom garbage can, but can also be left alone if we run a quick errand. Hank loves the recent snowfall and enjoys playing outside in the winter. He is also a pretty decent swimmer as we took him in Lake Huron over the summer and he did well. We look for his siblings on your testimonial page and enjoy all of the updates. Take good care!"
- Julie | January 2017

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Briggs and Bella

"We cheered hard but our team didnt win the superbowl! Xoxoxox Briggs (newfypoo) and Bella (bernedoodle)"
- The Woodwards | February 2017

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"Hi, I got a new phone and couldn't find your email... but I found you:) I still cage Elmo (Newfypoo). My biggest issue with him is, he constantly is grabbing shoes, socks, toys and running. My goal is to get him to want to chew his toys and relax out and around the house. Loves popsicles. He was a year old in Oct. I believe. He is super smart. Are you planning on any more litters for newfypoos?"
- The Huffmans | November 2016

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"Hi, Just wanted to send an update on Meesha (Newfypoo) she is 8 months old now. She is so much fun, she is bullheaded, when we try to disapline her she barks back at us, and at other times she just wants to cuddle with us. Our grandson has so much fun with her, she is great with him. Last week we opened our pool for the summer, Paul took her in, don't think she liked it. Gonna try again. She loves ice cream just mention it and she goes nuts."
- Blakeslees | June 2016

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"Hi, Another pic of Buddy,(newfypoo) He's loving the Spring weather. Hope you are doing well."
- Tim and Julie | May 2016

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"Hi, hope this message finds you and your husband along with the business doing well. Jax (newfypoo) is getting so big and healthy. He's weighing in around 95 lbs. and a huge joy to our family. Thank you for allowing us to have him as our furkid. Thank you"
- T. Stout | April 2016


"Hi, This is our newfypoo puppy, Henry. He is five months old today. He is the sweetest dog and he is very well behaved. He is almost 40 lbs. We love him so much! I wanted to get another one from you someday. Why are you no longer breeding them?"
- Dawn | February 2016


"Hello Angel Breeze, Walter, (Newfypoo) turns 5 months old tomorrow and has been a fantastic addition to our busy, active family. He hasn't become as big as we anticipated, but had some troubles with digestion early on so needs to be on a low residue puppy food- which takes much coaxing to eat before his Great Dane/Black Lab mix sister dives in. In any case, his tummy is stable. Moreover he is a happy, goofy, active, intelligent boy who brings joy to us everyday. Well and truly the easiest puppy I have ever raised- sticks to chewing on his toys, quickly potty trained, and loves people and other dogs. We all get a kick out of how much time he spends lounging outside in the sun and snow and look forward to a summer of swimming in the lake."
- Colleen | February 2016


"Hi, This is Spencer (Newfypoo) now Sano. He is a big puppy (9 mo. 65# 24" Tall) Full of energy and very affectionate. His black hair is curling tighter every month. The white not so much. The white he sheds, but not too much. Our older dog isn't interested in playing. So the two just tolerate each other.We are happy customers. Happy Holidays "
- R Schell | January 2016


"Hello, I purchased Scout (newfypoo) from you in June. He is doing great! I wanted to share some pictures with you. Also I was interested on the sizes of his litter mates. Merry Christmas! "
- Chris | December 2015


"Thought I'd send an update on Slevin (Newfypoo). He is over 1 year old now, weighs about 70-80lbs. Here he is all nice a shaved ready for our summer vacation at the cabin. He's got quite the personality and is still very much a Mama's boy. We are expecting a baby in November and Slevin knows his Mama well. Over the last couple months as my tummy has gotten bigger Slevin has become much more pushy. He actually tries to heard our other dog away from me when he tries to come near (it doesn't last long as our other dog is the dominant one and has 30 lbs on him). Slevin must know change is coming because he's been acting much more anxious as well, pacing around and whining. Such a smart breed. We are hoping he transitions well to his baby brother in November. I see you are no longer breeding Newfypoos. I hope in a few years you do again, I have fallen in love with this breed and would definitely buy another. Slevin is a great buddy to our family. He's my running partner and snuggle pal. Hope you are enjoying your summer!"
- M. Lauzon | August 2016

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"Darwin (newfypoo) is doing great! He weighed 63lbs on Christmas and he is about 25" tall. I'm sure he was as bummed as our family that we did not have a white Christmas. We had almost a foot of snow the week before Thanksgiving and he absolutely loved playing in the snow! Winter is definitely his season. We recently trimmed his hair so that he would not accumulate so many snow balls when/if we do get more snow, so he looks more like a poodle now. We would be very curious to know about Darwin's littermates also. Hope you have a Happy New Year!"
- Debbie | December 2015

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"Here are a few picture of our wonderful pups. Snoopy (newfypoo) fits into the family perfectly and is such a JOY! He is literally the easy and most laid-back puppy we've ever seen. Moses (bernedoodle) was 112 lbs. at his last vet visit and is so athletic, happy and smart. So smart! Binx (newfypoo) was 127 lbs. at his last vet visit and is our cuddle bug. He will cuddle with anyone at any time. He is the sweetest soul. He does stairs like a champ and has become our regular guard dog, making running laps around their electric fence border each time he goes out. SO CUTE! Snoopy (newfypoo) was 27 lbs. at his vet visit and is growing rapidly. I have a feeling he won't be quite as big as his unusually giant brothers but just as cute! We get stopped everywhere we go because people find him so interesting. He truly is a show-stopper. There is something about the Newfypoos that is so laid-back and cuddly and so endearing. We also had a play date at a dog park with Moses' brother Oakley, which was so fun! Moses and Binx are not interested in water (or too prissy to try) and so it was rather funny seeing them interact with other water-lovers at the park (which had a lake). Moses and Oakley look alike and both have the most wonderful personality traits. I was so lovely to see them together. I know I've said this before, but we could NOT be any happier with these dogs. They have brought such joy to our lives and have been nothing but positive. Thank you for everything. :)"
- The Darrell Family | August 2015

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"We have been so busy since we picked up Trapper (newfypoo) we have not had the opportunity to send you an update. Trapper is doing great and has made himself very comfortable in our family. He is growing by leaps and bounds and weighs in at 30 pounds. He is taking his first puppy class and loves running through the tunnels. He spends his time wrestling with his 150 pound brother, fetching balls and trying to catch butterflies. We are so much enjoying him and when he looks up at us we can almost see our lost Newfoundland's eyes. I have attached a picture of Macduff and Trapper sharing a bone. We will try and send updates occasionally."
- Arnie and Cindy - Macduff, Katie and Trapper | August 2015


"We are loving our little boy (Newfypoo). We named him Augustus and are calling him Gus. I was just letting you know, the vet was closed Friday due to the holiday. I called this morning. Earliest they could see him is tomorrow morning at 9:30. He's training. But he is just 9 weeks old. Any advice? I'm sending a picture of our girls with him on the 4th."
- Michael Ann | July 2015


"Charlie taking Chloe ( newfypoo) for a walk."
- Eran | July 2015


"I just wanted to share some pictures with you of Oakley on his 1st birthday today. He is 100lbs of lovable puppy. He thinks he's a lap dog, loves to snuggle and get attention. He's a great watch dog too. We couldn't imagine our lives without him! Thank you!"
- Quin, Matt and Oakley ;) | February 2015

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"This is Bosa (Jackson the newfypoo). He is 3 months now and weighs 30lbs. He has such a laid back personality and is the sweetest pup. Thank you!!"
- Meggan M. | January 2015


"Bernie" our Dontae.. What a great addition to our family.. He stands 30 inches tall and currently weighs 100lbs @ 10 months..Dontae is extremely smart and wants to be involved with everything... Great family pet and could ask for a better family member.. Would recommend Angel breeze for anyone looking to add a family member! "
- Sean W. | November 2014

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