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Health Contract


This agreement is for the benefit of both the buyer and seller.

The breeder guarantees that your puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase and will be current on all vaccines and deworming medication. (according to age) as stated on puppy's health record. We recommend that you take the puppy to your veterinarian (at your cost) after you receive your puppy , as we have a 72 hour replacement policy.

All puppies will have had a physical health exam from my veterinarian and deemed healthy prior to leaving my home. (unless discussed or stated otherwise.) This guarantee is valid for a period of 72 hours, or 3 business days after the date of pickup.

During this time frame if the buyer's veterinarian should find that your puppy has a life-threatening or fatal illness, or disease which may have originated from my facility at this exam, a replacement puppy of equal value will be given. Buyer must inform breeder within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Buyer will then return puppy, (at a time/date specified by breeder) at buyers expense, along with a signed document from a licensed veterinarian describing his findings and puppy's condition, and all other paperwork that was given along with puppy. A replacement puppy will be given as soon as one is available. No refund in part or whole will be given.

This guarantee does not include injuries incurred on your part after the puppy is in your possession.

Please note that I do not guarantee for undescended testicles, small umbilical hernias, proper bite, as these do not affect the pet quality of the puppy/dog and will not affect their health or life span.

Breeder is not responsible for Parvo, Distemper, Corona Virus after 48 hours of sale. These are highly contagious diseases and can be contacted after leaving the breeder's premises.

Breeder does not guarantee size, color, temperament, or shedding factor.

The breeder has taken all precaution and done everything possible to prevent normal puppy conditions from occurring, like coccidiosis, giardia, kennel cough, parasites, or any other bacterial infections, These conditions can be brought on by the stress of being re-homed. These are all treatable and are not reasons to warrant a return or exchange. Breeder is not responsible to cover the cost of worms, parasites or urinary tract infections or any other vet bills or expenses.

If you choose not to have your puppy examined by a veterinarian within the 72 hr time frame, and email the signed vet examination form to the breeder at Then this contract/warranty will be null and void.


A warranty against all serious life altering/life threatening hereditary / congenital diseases, including moderate to severe hip or elbow dysplasia (grade 3,4,5,6) provided the dog is x-rayed at or before 24 months of age and x-rays are examined by OFA. This warranty is provided to the original purchaser for up to 24 months of age.

Should this puppy/dog is found to have a congenital or hereditary defect, disease, genetic hip or elbow dysphasia or any other condition that would require ongoing veterinarian care and medication for the life of the puppy, or cause the puppy to die or be euthanized by a vet, within the first 24 months of its life. Buyer must provide seller with proof of diagnosis, with all documentation on the condition/disease, such as vet records, x-rays, or any other necessary paperwork. For hip or elbow dysphasia x-rays must be examined by OFA. All information must be sent to the breeder within 1 week of diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian. However, the breeder will always have the option of getting a second opinion by having the dog examined by a veterinarian of her choice (at her expense), before a replacement puppy or refund is issued.

If this puppy dies from a suspected congenital defect or any other unexpected incident before 24 months of age. An autopsy must be performed at buyers expense. Cause must be verified by a licensed veterinarian with written documentation. The breeder must be notified within 24 hrs and given the option of having a second autopsy done by breeders veterinarian. If the cause was congenital, breeder will offer a replacement or refund.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: Allergies, thyroid dysfunction, mange and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this warranty.

No replacement puppy or refund will be given if:
• If puppy/dog is euthanized without sellers permission.
• If this dog is allowed to get overweight at any time, or developing joints to be overstressed at any point during this warranty period.
• Any physical problems which are or could be the result of injury are not covered by this warranty.
• Is not eating a high quality dog food like Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, or equivalent brands for the first 2 years of its life.
Nuvet plus vitamins must be given for the first 2 years or you will void this guarantee.

Buyer has the option to choose 1 of the 2 replacement options below.
Breeder will either:
1. Replace the dog, with a puppy of equal value (free of charge) when available. Shipping or delivery fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
2. If buyer does not want a replacement puppy. Breeder will reimburse the buyer once, up to, but no more than 75% of the purchase price paid for the puppy, to help off set some of the veterinarian or medical treatment expenses. Vet bills will have to be sent to the breeder before any refund will be given.

Please know that we usually will not ask you to return your beloved companion in order for this warranty to be valid. But there may be exceptions. We feel it would not be fair for dog/puppy to leave the security of its family and home, that it has grown to love so much, or vice versa.

Buyer agrees that if for any reason during the puppy's life, they are unable to keep or provide for their puppy/dog. They will contact the breeder FIRST, to take the puppy back (no compensation will be given for the dog.) or to seek assistance to help in re-homing the puppy/dog. Warranties are not transferable & shipping or delivery costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Under no circumstances shall the buyer place the puppy/dog in a Shelter, Humane Society, to a Pet Store, Puppy Mill or Dog Breeder.

If dog/puppy is re-homed other than back to the breeder, before puppy is 8 months of age. It is buyer's responsibility to provide proof of spay/neuter to breeder before puppy is re-homed.

This health agreement is only applicable to the original purchaser. If the dog is sold or re-homed this warranty/contract is canceled.


All puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement (no breeding rights) unless discussed and agreed upon in advance. Puppy must be desexed by the end of the 10th month of age. Proof of this must be sent to the breeder by 11 months of age. If the breeder does not receive proof of spay/ neuter by 11 months of age, Then this entire health warranty will be void, and it will be assumed the dog is used for breeding. The buyer will then be liable upon notice , to pay the breeder the sum of $5,000. for breeding rights or the breeder has the right to repossess the said dog and be compensated for any or all offspring that may have resulted from an unauthorized breeding. Pricing is determined by the price the breeder sells her pups for, at that time.

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