"We adopted the pup from Cleveland and she has been such a treat! If you have another male doodle that's ever in need of a new home because things aren't working out, please do let us know! I think little miss Zoe (previously Erin) will need a buddy sooner or later. :) "
- Miriam | April 2019

"I know I called you and left you a message. I have been having a hard time with the pup, she's so sweet and cute but my grandkids are afraid of her and I've been having a hard time keeping them separate and giving her the attention she needs. My daughter tried to take her but she isn't getting a long too well with her dog, and she just found out she's pregnant. So if possible could we bring her to you today for rehoming? She deserves a really good home because she's the sweetest girl. "
- Cindy | March 2019