"Yeti turned one yesterday! I can not believe how quickly time flies and how much joy he has brought to our home. He is very loving and loves everyone. He is currently 68 pounds. Has been that weight for 2 months so I think he is about done growing. I would like to know which adult variety of Royal Canin dog food you recommend? There are so many choices. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!"
- Amy | January 2021

"Yeti (Thatcher) is 6 months old today and weighs 52 pounds. We love him so much. He is still ornery when he's tired but he loves to snuggle and be with the family."
- Amy | July 2020

"Hi! Yeti (aka Thatcher) is doing great. He weighed in at 22.2 pounds at 14 weeks. He is potty trained using a bell however he has figured out that the bell gets him outside even if he just wants to sniff and eat everything he can find. Lol He is very smart but also stubborn. He misbehaves when he is tired or wants attention, at those times we call him our "Yeti monster". He knows sit, wait, free, off, come and release. We love him dearly. He loves to cuddle and be close to people. I'm sending some current pictures. He's adorable!"
- Amy | April 2020

"He is doing great. Potty training better today, he's figured it out. Just got back from vet. Parasites came back negative. He was 13 pounds. Dealing with nipping but it's coming along. Almost has command "sit" down."
- Amy | March 2020