"Hi, Here is the neuter document for Winston/Roper and also included is the sedated hip xray. The vet indicated that his hips looked "pretty good" although he still bunny hops. Vet said to give it more time and if he still does it we can talk further about Physical Therapy if needed. He is a super sweet puppy!!! with a very chill disposition :) Do we need to provide any thing else in regards to his health contract? Winston is still taking the vitamins and remains on Royal Canine puppy food. Do you have food recommendations for after 1 year of age? We are on a national Bernedoodle face book group and a LOT of people post about sensitive stomach with this breed and a lot of problems with chicken. So far so good for us and Winston does not get any human food so maybe that helps sensitive stomach issues. Would appreciate any feedback you might have, Thanks!"
- Hansen Family | June 2019

"Things are going pretty good actually:) Winston (aka Roper) slept through the night no problem. Working on potty training and that's going better than we expected too...couple accidents but both cause we did not read his signal quick enough. When and how did you give vitamin? With breakfast? Do you break in half and put with food? What time do pups go to bed for the night and how long do they typically sleep at night? "
- Hansen Family | December 2018