"We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the AMAZING puppy we got from you. We have a Bernedoodle named Walter(birth name: Felix) who was born November 3, 2015. He recently had his one year birthday and we also celebrated his "gotcha day"(day we brought him home 1/8). My boyfriend surprised me with Walter and he has been a great addition for us. He has quite the personality and tries his best to understand what we are saying- cue the head tilt! He LOVES the snow and usually cries because he can't get enough of it! Rolling around in the snow and burying his face in it are his favorite. Our favorite thing is to smooch his snout! We are so impressed with him and our experience that we are looking to get another one- be ready for our name on the list soon! Thank you again for giving us another member of our family! I have attached pictures for you to see how much he has grown! :) P.S. EVERYONE loves him so much that he has his own instagram account: walterthebernedoodle "
-Ryan & Colleen | January 2017