"Hi. Here's a couple of pictures from Vinnie's first birthday yesterday. We didn't give him his present fast enough so he decided to help himself to get it off the counter! He keeps us on our toes!"
- Nichols | February 2018

"Hi. Here's a couple new pics of Vinnie. He weighs 60+ lbs now! He's such a cool dog! Everybody loves him!"
- Nichols | August 2017

"Hi We love our little Vinnie! He is a very cool puppy! I've scheduled his first grooming appointment for next Friday. Could you please tell us what we should have done to Vinnie? My understanding is that his top coat is what helps to keep him cool & the undercoat is his insulator. Can or should just the undercoat be thinned out to help keep him cooler this summer? Thank you again for an awesome puppy! Everyone that meets him, loves him! Thank you for your help."
- Nichols | May 2017

"Gomer's name is now Vinnie.(F1b sheepadoodle) I think he is learning it already! He's settling in nicely. Here's a picture of him playing with his new older brother & one of him just relaxing. He gets along well with his brother :) We hope you are having a great vacation! Thank you again! "
- Jeff, Audra, & Shannon | March 2017