"This is my 95 year old dad and Tootsie. As she approaches her 4 mo. Birth date. The first name we picked just did not fit her wonderful personality. We are going to puppy school and she is growing like a weed. Housebreaking going very well. We all love her so much. Thank you!"
- Robert | November 2019

"We went to vet yesterday and I have attached copy of receipt. She had a clean fecal and the vet was very complimentary on her overall exam. She has settled very well and is sleeping 7 hours at night in her crate. Only couple accidents and those were human error not hers. We went to first training session and she was the youngest but the star of the class. We are so very pleased with her! Thank you so much. Your facility is beautiful. Please keep me on your mailing list as I may want to add a 2nd dog once she is trained. We have named her Misty as she has that lovely smokey coloring. I will send pics as she grows. Be in touch soon."
- Robert | October 2019