"We live in Shaker Heights and we did a testimonial back in June 2016. He was from Lexie and Manny's litter but we could be wrong. Toby's been the best. He has a great personality, he's goofy and acts like a three year old carrying his toys. And now that he's 6 years old, we think it's a good time to get another dog. We always had two dogs in the past and Toby would be a great big brother. We are interested in another male dog that has a calm disposition. Below are some pictures of Toby (one of them he is featured in my senior photo!) "
- Sasha | April 2022

"Hi, Here is an update of Toby /Donovan on the website (bernedoodle). He is almost 4 months old and is 20 pounds! He is very smart, gentle, laid back, and he is very happy. He goes to work everyday of the week with his dad. He loves to play with our cat, Lizzy, but Lizzy hits him with her front paws(no nails in the front). Although Lizzy just lays on the ground so she gets into the mess. Toby doesn't know his own size so he is a little bit rough with Lizzy. Here are some pictures of Toby!"
- The Strauss family in Shaker Heights | June 2016