"Just a little update on Tioga (F1 goldendoodle). It's his birthday - he is 1 year old today! We love having him in our family. He is sweet and full of fluff and energy! People stop us everywhere we go asking what kind of dog he is and admiring his sweet face. Thanks so much for providing us with a quality dog!"
- Emily | November 2015

"We are enjoying our Tioga (6 month old goldendoodle) so much! I do have a question though - do you advise giving goldendoodles haircuts for the summer? It's staring to heat up here, and I saw another doodle with a haircut - not a shave, but definitely shorter. I was just wondering if you suggest this, and if we do cut his hair if it will change his coat. He's got a lovely wavy coat that I don't want to ruin! Attached is a picture of Ty after he had a grand time in a mud puddle :) He loves the water! Thanks so much, "
- Emily | April 2015