"Here are a few pics of my Tillie (aka Amber) girl! She is 7. Months old so I’ve included pics from different growth stages. We picked her up from the airport and she was much larger than we expected. She was a hunker! She was very easily house trained. After week 3 she knew how to tap on the window, then the door to let us know she needed to go out. She poo’d in the house only one time and that was totally our fault for putting a rug in her area that mimicked grass. She is a happy puppy but doesn’t like unknown people in her space. She enjoys mornings at the lake with her daddy but doesn’t appear to be fond of water. She is super-smart and her trainer continues to say she is the smartest dog she has ever trained. She visits play care at least twice a week and everyone loves her. I have a terrible time walking her at the park or anywhere because everyone stops me and wants to pet or talk to Tillie. Tillie has her own instagram page so go out, like her page and visit often. You’ll find her under Tillie_Tails. "
- Shelley | August 2018