" I think of sending you emails all the time because we are so in love with Tillee (Bliss). Back when it was our turn to choose, we couldn't decide which of your perfect puppies should be ours. I loved the look of Blossom, but our son absolutely loved Bliss. At the time, you described her as "snuggly" and "follows around like a little helper". My son heard "snuggly" and was sold. When we met to pick her up, we instantly knew Jed had chosen correctly. Tillee has spent the last 6 months changing our lives in wonderful ways. We look forward to seeing her in the morning and when we all come home from school. When we tap our belly, she stands up and gives us a hug. While she's a terrible snuggler so far - too much puppy energy (with no complaints!) - she is such a lovely girl that we know she will be wonderful to cuddle up with soon enough. She is quickly turning silver, just like her mom and dad, and we aren’t mad about it! While I love her black and white, her silver is stunning, too. Frequent compliments are given by strangers on her beautiful coloring. We couldn’t agree more. At 7.5 months old, she’s between 45 and 50 pounds. Her fluff is deceiving; when she’s wet, you see what a lean machine she is! We are still happily crate training and working with Say it Once Dog Training (here in Pittsburgh). Her trainer adores her as much as we do, and can't get over what a chill doodle she is. At our first group class (with 35+ dogs), she was like the class president - everyone loved her coloring, her disposition, her HUGE fluffy paws! This is the reaction we get everywhere we go. Tillee would win any popularity contest if entered, starting with us at home. She is absolutely the highlight of our year. Whenever possible, we sing your praises. Your communication, your fairness, your obvious care for your dogs. We are blessed to have found you and blessed to have one of your puppies a permanent part of our home. Thank you for all you've added to our lives! Sending blessings your way this Christmas season!"
- Staci, James, Annabelle, Jed (and Tillee!) | December 2022