"She can't wait to be a big sister!"
- Liane | December 2019

"Hi, Here’s Thea (with and without a haircut)!"
- Liane | July 2018

"Hi, Below is the receipt from Thea’s (aka Jessie) spay visit. We ended up having them do the gastropexy surgery as a preventative as well. She is very mad at us but recovering nicely! Please let me know if you need anything else."
- Liane | May 2018

"Hi, I hope you are well! Thea (Jessie) is doing great. She is definitely in her puppy phase and can be rambunctious at times, but she also loves to cuddle so it is hard to stay mad for long. I attached a picture that I took about a week ago. I had a quick question that came up during our last vet visit. We scheduled Thea to be spayed and the vet asked if we would also like to schedule her for a gastropexy. I am wondering if this is something that you would recommend. It looks like she's going to be right on the borderline, size wise (she weighed in at just under 40 lbs at 4 months). Please let me know! Thanks,"
- Liane | March 2018