"Hello, Greetings from Fair Winds Farm, our new home! Tess is doing just great, a bit overly feisty at times, but a good dog with plenty of potential! She is adored by us and naturally loved by all who meet her. I have attached Tess's (formerly Toya's) spaying documentation as well as a few recent and not so recent photos...We hope you and your entire family are well and ready to enjoy a much deserved late coming spring! Hugs,"
- Duanne, Dan and Tess | April 2018

"Hi! Update on Tess (formerly Toya)! We felt we just had to share that at three months Tess can now sit, down, heel, come, halt, "high five" and is working on "place" (sitting on her mat on command wherever we place it). She is diligent about ringing her "doorbells" to let us know she has to go out to her "spot!" What a wonderful and truly smart dog she is! The world is her oyster! See attached photos! :) Cheers and Licks,"
- Dan and Duanne and Tess | January 2018

"Well, after a near 12-hour drive with stops along the way, our little Tess (formerly Toya) was a trooper. We watched her emotions run the gamut starting with, boy, I'm sick, to who are you, and where's my mother ? to, this isn't so bad, just chillin, and watching the world from a cozy den with my beating heart toy that smells like my brothers and sisters, to finally, am I going to be living in a box for the rest of my life? Needless to say, Tess is a travelin girl! We are all adapting well and enjoying the comical side of life together. There is so much we want to show Tess, and we're sure that in the process she will teach us much. Tess has had her first visit to the vet and her round of shots. She is working her way quite well through housebreaking and crate training. She has been doted on quite a lot by visitors. No shortage there. We thank you for all that you do. And we learned when we came to pick Tess up, that is a huge undertaking you take on every day with love, enthusiasm and commitment. We wish you and your family all the joy and peace in the New Year and we will keep you posted from time to time on Tess's accomplishments. Cheers and Tess licks!"
- Duanne and Dan | December 2017