"Hi, I hope all is well! Attached is documentation of Teddy's neutering along with some photos! Teddy just turned 8 months old and is a big boy at 78 pounds! He is so goofy and has such a fun personality. As he has gotten older, he loves to give his mommy and daddy kisses and be with us all the time. He does NOT like it if I or his daddy are in separate rooms, as he wants us together in the same area. He will whine until we are all together again, preferably in the living room as he loves the couch haha. He graduated puppy training and did a great job! He still gets excited when he sees other dogs on walks, but has improved! He really enjoys the doggy park and has a love for water fountains, sprinklers etc. When he plays with the other dogs, he typically is slowest and tends to get tired quickly, but has a great time LOL. We love Teddy so much and can't imagine our lives without him! We have gone on two vacations since having him and miss him terribly when we are gone. I will be in touch in the future for more updates, especially when he turns one in November!"
- Haley and Christian | July 2019

"Hi, I hope you are doing well and had a great Easter! Teddy (aka Wade) is doing AWESOME and we love him so much! He will be 5 months and 2 weeks on this Friday, 4/26. He is a BIG BOY and currently weighs 58 pounds! He started to lose his teeth over this past weekend and now they are falling out like crazy! He is such a good boy and we adore him so much. Everyone in the neighborhood is obsessed with him and he was dog of the month for our April news letter! He loves to eat mulch, gather pine cones and sticks and sneaking things into the house. He goes to training this Saturday and is gone for two week and I am already feeling down about it. He knows how to sit, but they will aid with all the other typical puppy behaviors, so we are excited to see what he learns!He has been going #2 outside for a few months, but #1 is a bit iffy as some days are great and some days he has a few more accidents. He loves to be around people and cries if I or his daddy are in separate rooms, as he likes to herd us to be together in one room. He follows us around everyone and if I am standing, will nudge his tubby self in between my legs to lay on my feet! We cannot say thank you enough for having such amazing puppies and dogs! I have attached a few photos of Teddy as well. Thanks and be in touch soon!"
- Haley | April 2019

"Hi, I have attached the vet paperwork and also pictures of Teddy (Wade)! We absolutely adore him! At his vet appointment last week, he weighed 16.2 lbs, so he is a big boy! He loves to play in the snow and leaves and play with all of his toys! He has been sleeping well at night, sometimes up to 6 hours before having to go potty again. We are going to be getting a trainer for him in the future to help with the biting/nipping that normal puppies do. In just two weeks, he already knows who we are and gets excited to see us. I also created an Instagram account for him and the handle is hey.its.teddy Thanks so much and be in touch soon!"
- Haley | January 2019