Teddy Bear & Bean

Teddy Bear, Bernedoodle
Teddy Bear and Bean
Teddy Bear and Bean, Bernedoodle

"Hi, I just wanted to touch base with you about Stacy now known as Bean. She has been a great addition and she and Teddy Bear are getting along famously. She is potty trained, with the help of the door bell that Teddy Bear taught her to use. We took her to the vet, 12.5 lbs at 9ish weeks and another appointment scheduled for vaccines this week. She tries to get as close to Teddy Bear as she can, I'm thinking by next week they will sleeping in the same dog bed."
- The Bolognas | February 2019

Teddy Bear, the bernedoodle

"Hi, We are very interested in adopting Stacy. We have Teddy Bear aka Donte from 3 years back and he is the best dog ever.. If she is still available please let us know. Here is our big baby."
- The Bolognas | January 2019

Teddy Bear, Bernedoodle
Teddy Bear, Bernedoodle

"Hi I wanted to send an update with pics. Our Teddy Bear, the bernedoodle is about 10 months now. He is a serious love bug and has to be as close to me as possible, he lies between me and the cabinets while I am working on the computer, pictures of this are included, I'm not sure how he can squeeze himself into such a tight space but he does. We have been working with a trainer and Teddy Bear is doing really well, this is the first bernedoodle our trainer has worked with and he thinks he is very smart and pretty calm for a puppy of his age, and of course I agree. We have had a big sewer and gas line project on our street with many workers, Teddy Bear is quite famous with them. When I take him for walks they all come up and say hi to us and people driving by often stop and ask what kind of dog he is. He prances with the leash in his mouth right next to me and doesn't pull, it probably looks quite funny to passers by. He is truly an awesome dog. Happy Holidays to you and yours"
- The Bolognas | December 2016

Teddy Bear, Bernedoodle
Teddy Bear, Bernedoodle

"Hi I'm finally sending some pictures of our Teddy Bear, (formally known as Dontae, the bernedoodle). He is the sweetest "little" guy, I say "little" because at about almost four months he's over 30 lbs. He is so friendly with everyone he meets, very smart and just about as lovable as he can get. I can't tell you how many people ask, He's just like a teddy bear, what's his name? The minute we met him there was really no other name option."
- The Bolognas | July 2016