"Our Sophie (Onella) is 7yrs old (born 1/18/15) today! She is happy and healthy. Thought I would share a few pics… puppy pic was 3 days after we brought her home. In case you wondered from the pics… the frisbee is Sophie's favorite toy. She is obsessed and quite a good catch! A local photographer captured her carrying a stick on a walk and included her picture in the book they made of the dogs at North Park. She is such a sweetheart and we love her lots. "
- Pamela | January 2022

"I thought that you might like to get an update on Sophie/Onella.( F1 goldendoodle) As you can see she's quite a handful. Sophie is proving to be quite a bright dog, she pills up on training very well. She loves to play and especially likes to wrestle with our golden retriever Abby."
- David | July 2015

"I thought that you might like to see a picture of Sophie. (Onella) Sophie is doing well, she spends her day sleeping, eating and wrestling with Abby, our Golden Retriever."
- David | April 2015