"Here are a few picture of our wonderful pups. Snoopy (newfypoo) fits into the family perfectly and is such a JOY! He is literally the easy and most laid-back puppy we've ever seen. Moses (bernedoodle) was 112 lbs. at his last vet visit and is so athletic, happy and smart. So smart! Binx (newfypoo) was 127 lbs. at his last vet visit and is our cuddle bug. He will cuddle with anyone at any time. He is the sweetest soul. He does stairs like a champ and has become our regular guard dog, making running laps around their electric fence border each time he goes out. SO CUTE! Snoopy (newfypoo) was 27 lbs. at his vet visit and is growing rapidly. I have a feeling he won't be quite as big as his unusually giant brothers but just as cute! We get stopped everywhere we go because people find him so interesting. He truly is a show-stopper. There is something about the Newfypoos that is so laid-back and cuddly and so endearing. We also had a play date at a dog park with Moses' brother Oakley, which was so fun! Moses and Binx are not interested in water (or too prissy to try) and so it was rather funny seeing them interact with other water-lovers at the park (which had a lake). Moses and Oakley look alike and both have the most wonderful personality traits. I was so lovely to see them together. I know I've said this before, but we could NOT be any happier with these dogs. They have brought such joy to our lives and have been nothing but positive. Thank you for everything. :)"
- The Darrell Family | August 2015