"hought I'd send an update on Slevin (Newfypoo). He is over 1 year old now, weighs about 70-80lbs. Here he is all nice a shaved ready for our summer vacation at the cabin. He's got quite the personality and is still very much a Mama's boy. We are expecting a baby in November and Slevin knows his Mama well. Over the last couple months as my tummy has gotten bigger Slevin has become much more pushy. He actually tries to heard our other dog away from me when he tries to come near (it doesn't last long as our other dog is the dominant one and has 30 lbs on him). Slevin must know change is coming because he's been acting much more anxious as well, pacing around and whining. Such a smart breed. We are hoping he transitions well to his baby brother in November. I see you are no longer breeding Newfypoos. I hope in a few years you do again, I have fallen in love with this breed and would definitely buy another. Slevin is a great buddy to our family. He's my running partner and snuggle pal. Hope you are enjoying your summer!"
- M. Lauzon | August 2016

"Slevin (newfypoo) is doing so well. He's getting to be a big boy. Weighs just under 60lbs (secretly hope he gets to over 100). Height is about 24 inches ground to shoulder. He wiggles around too much to get the length, but he is long and lanky.. He is quite the family favorite. My nieces and nephews alway say they want to trade their dog for Slevin. He is almost trained, doesn't understand laying down quite yet. And he still piddles when he gets excited when someone new comes to the house. But he's such a pal, he follows me everywhere I go around the house, even when I move from the stove to the sink when cooking he gets up from laying at my feet to move 3 feet to lay at my feet again. We shaved his hair this fall, he was pretty shaggy. But its growing out again fast. He sheds but only a little, nothing compared to our other dog. Oh and he loves the snow! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Thanks, Happy New year!"
- M. Lauzon | December 2015

"Here is a photo of Slevin (newfypoo) 33 lbs at about 19 wks with his brother Radley (greater swiss mountain dog) 120 lbs 3.5 yrs, this is a rare photo as typically Slevin is climbing all over Radley biting at his ears. They are typical brothers, always fighting over their toys. Slevin has been easy to train, not as stubborn as Radley. Slevin eats everything from the apples in the yard to plants in the garden, even the dirt. He's been quite an interesting pup so far. Definitely a mama's boy."
- M. Lauzon | September 2015