"Hey there! Happy New Year! I wanted to give you an update on Shep. He turns 2 in 2 months, and I can't believe it. He is such a goofball and is so much fun! We love him bunches, and cannot imagine our lives with out him. His favorite snacks right now are: Peanutbutter, Bully Sticks, and Cheese. His favorite games are: Chase, Hide and Seek, and Fetch. I seriously think he would play all day every day if he thought he could. He still goes to day care to play with other dogs at least once a week - we've been told his playmates of choice are French bulldogs.. which is hilarious considering Shep is now at least 90lbs... In August, he had the big role of being the ring bearer in our wedding. He has loved having us at home through quarantine - but has definitely gotten spoiled through all of the time we have had with him at home. We were able to travel to East TN to see family at Christmas, and it snowed. It was Shep's first snow and he LOVED it. Here are some pics. We hope you are well! "
- Holly | January 2021

"Shep turned 1 on March 16th! He is such a cuddle bug now which we are LOVING! He had his first "shave down" haircut, and he looks like a completely different dog, but still the most handsome boy in all the land. His favorite games are hide and go seek, chase, and fetch. He loves every dog he meets. Favorite "snacks" are greenies, sweet potatoes, bully sticks, chicken, and turkey. He has a weird obsession with napping under curtains (see pics). He recently went on his first hike and loved it. He really enjoyed getting to walk through all of the mud, playing in the creek, and chasing bugs... He's about to have his first big move. We are moving from Tennessee to Georgia this week.. We know Shep will be a huge help when it comes to unpacking... ;) I can't believe he has already been with us for almost a whole year. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without him now. He has everyone he meets wrapped around his paws in a matter of seconds. He's the bestest boy and we love him so much!!!"
- Holly | April 2020

"Shep had a wonderful first Christmas, and LOVED unwrapping his presents! He recovered beautifully from his neuter procedure, and is a very healthy guy!! He has started going to day camp 2-3 days a week and absolutely LOVES it!!!! While at camp, he has actually become pals with a 2 yo bernedoodle from Angel Breeze named Jammer! Shep is a very playful pup, and is such a lovable dog. He is fantastic with kiddos, and loves, loves, loves other dogs!! Here are some updated pics!"
- Holly | December 2019

"Sweet Shep got neutered today. He also has the bloodwork done, and they said he is an extremely healthy boy!! Now time to shower him with lots of of cuddles and toys until he feels better! Attached is the receipt and a picture of my poor little guy!"
- Holly | November 2019

"Shep is still growing like a weed!! He turns 7 months old on the 16th of this month, and I believe he's now around 80lbs!! I made his appointment to get fixed on November 22nd, so will send you the papers once it is complete. He finished his puppy training last month, and is such a sweet boy! He absolutely loves playing and is LOVING the cool fall weather here in Tennessee! He went to his friends birthday pawty two weeks ago, and loved it! He came home with all kinds of homemade treats (they didn't last very long - haha!) He's starting to become a big cuddler and thinks he's a lap dog! Here are some pictures so you can see how much he's grown!! "
- Holly | October 2019

"Hi! Shep has had a BUSY summer! He is almost 4 months old now and 35 lbs!!! He's a big boy- the vet predicts 90-100lbs fully grown!! We started private puppy training 3 weeks ago, and he is learning a lot! We will continue this through his whole first year!! He loves training for a hot dog treat! He went to the beach in June and LOVED digging in the sand, chasing crabs, and playing with other dogs! He is so loveable and has a play date with other pups 3-5 times a week! His favorite "good boy" treats are peanut butter and cheese whiz! He has officially lost 2 teeth, is completely potty trained, and is also fully crate trained! He is such a good boy and loves to make people laugh!! We have also started going to the groomer every 2 weeks.. he's not a fan (at all) but we're taking it slow to take good care of his beautiful coat! He finished all of his vaccines last week. The vet says he is a healthy boy and can't believe how fast he is growing!! Here are some pictures of sweet Shep"
- Holly | July 2019

"Thank you so much!! Oswald (Now Shep) is PERFECT and I am so in love!!! We go to the vet on Tuesday, so I will be sure to send you an update!"
- Holly | May 2019