Shaggy & Zoey

"Happy New Year from Shaggy and Zoey Burr"
- L. Burr | January 2018

"Zoey and her first groom at 5 months."
- L. Burr | September 2017

"Zoey is totally different than Shaggy. Her tail never stops wagging . She is definitely the Alpha of the two. She is a delightful Spit Fire. She does nip but is settling that down. She hops over the gate to get into the living room.....where there is a will she finds the her SPUNK !!!"
- L. Burr | August 2017

"She is growing and such a good girl."
- L. Burr | August 2017

"Shaggy was jealous at first, but now she loves Zoey aka did not take long. M. Channel ( a friend of mine) just put a down payment down for a Sheepadoodle from you."
- L. Burr | June 2017

"Shaggy ( sheepadoodle) was spayed 8 days ago. She was so easy to house train. What a smart baby she is! You do an awesome job. We are in love with her."
- L. Burr | January 2016

"She had a great first day and night in her new home. Didn't cry on the way home or during the night. What a sweet baby girl....Thanks for being a part of bringing such joy into the world with these puppies."
- L. Burr | August 2015