"Attached is a copy of Scout/aka Sidney spay certificate and a picture after her first bath. She is doing good, 6 months old, 29 lbs. and still growing!"
- Cindy | July 2020

"Scout 16 weeks, 18 lbs, 18 inches @ shoulder and is already turning gray!"
- Cindy | March 2020

"Hi, Just to let you know we had a good ride home Wednesday. Scout and Indy slept the whole 4+ hour trip. They only woke when we stopped for a pee-break. Scout is very mellow but she did take over Phoebe's "big girl bed" (a pillow bed not the crate). We are doing good with the potty training. I think the cold, snowy weather helps. She is learning my schedule and I am learning hers. All-in-all it is working out good. Elaine is doing good with Indy, too. She broke down and got a crate, seeing I am doing a better potty job than she is. Elaine should be FAX-ing our veterinary receipts to you today. It was nice to meet you. Will keep in contact with puppy pictures. Take Care,"
- Cindy | March 2020