"Thought you might like to see pictures. Schatzi (bernedoodle) went to the groomer yesterday for her first bath. Amazing how fluffy she came out compared to the bath we give her. She is quite a clown with a wonderful disposition. She and Emma Leigh are great companions having fun playing and relaxing. As you can see they are spoiled rotten!! Schatzi is about 54+ pounds now, and gains 2 pounds a week."
- Pam & Gary | December 2016

"Hi, Schatzi (aka Tyra, bernedoodle) is doing really good and is enjoying our 2 other dogs. She likes to climb on the yellow lab that is 12 and is having fun playing with our border collie/great dane mix that is 5. She is the sweetest girl and was a big hit with our grandchildren and friends that came over this weekend. She gives us lots of laughs on a daily basis. Thought you might like to see the attached pictures. What kind of shampoo did you use on her. We want to get the same one as it smells so good and she will be needing a bath here in the near future.. I have been smelling a couple of different ones but can't find the same one you used. Please either e-mail or call with shampoo name. Schatzi adapted great to the Royal Canin maxi puppy from the Royal Canin maxi starter. Hope this finds all well and that you are resting before the next litter is due. Thanks and have a great day."
- Pam & Gary | August 2016