"Hi, Hope all is well at Angels Breeze. Our Ruby is doing well. She’s very bright, sweet and a big part of our family. She’s settled in at about 72 pounds. She’s very happy and healthy and we are thankful for her everyday. (Picture from recent vacation attached.) Holly and I were talking the other night about how great it would be if Ruby could reconnect with her mom. I’m not sure how that would go, but we are so curious. She is very sociable with other dogs and has several golden doodle friends. In your experience, is that something that is typically a positive encounter for both dogs? Is her mother still around and in good health? What would you think about us visiting with Ruby so they could meet again? It’s ok if its not a good idea. We are just curious and think it would be a cool experience! Thank you, "
- John | October 2018

"Our Ruby (Goldendoodle) was born a year ago tomorrow. She is so special, we love her so much and we're thankful for all the joy she brings into our lives. She's also very sweet and gets more compliments than anyone we know. We're always sure to tell people where we found her. Thank you,"
- John & Holly | January 2016