"Hi! Rubie (F1 bernedoodle) turned 1 today! Thinking of you especially today. We are so happy Rubie is in our lives. She is a bundle of energy and oh so cute and soft! Here are a few pictures from her birthday party today. Rubie's parents were Obi and Nova. Her fur is unbelievably soft and her shedding is minimal. It's a different kind of shedding then I've seen with other dogs I have had before. Her hair does not come off in your hand when you pet her. I don't notice a lot of hair on my clothes or even any hair when I give her a bath. It's just everyday there will be a little tuft or two of hair, usually in the corner of the room somewhere, that I am able to just pick up by hand and throw out. Some hair is also in the brush after I brush her. I didn't notice this until after her first haircut. She did not shed at all when she was a little puppy. I really have never felt a dog so soft as her's so wonderful. She has very long and beautiful eyelashes too! Well anyway, thanks for a lovely dog!"
- The Hatgas Family | March 2016

"Rubie is doing great! She has been so much fun and we love her so much! Thanks for a great dog!"
- The Hatgas Family | June 2015