"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely ADORE Rena! We adopted her in August after you called us, and she has completed our family. I always recommend angel breeze puppies when people stop and tell us how cute she is. Here is an updated picture of her in her Santa Outfit! She is the sweetest and most playful dog out there! Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!"
- Hannah | December 2018

In August of 2018, Rena was adopted into a new family.
Her previous family loved her, but they felt that they weren't being fair to Rena,
because they didn't have enough time to spend with her.

"This is Rowena, but we call her Rena for short! (Aka Kitty from Cooper and Koda) She is now ten months and an incredible dog! She is beyond smart and her favorite thing is making up new games! I taught her high five in a about a day! She is very gentle and keeps her mouth to herself around babies and children, though. She’s a big girl at about 55 pounds, but she thinks she’s a tiny lapdog. We love Rena for her silliness and her playfulness. Still working on “here”, and “heel” as she is so curious and wants to explore every inch of her environment! She loves everyone and we haven’t met any person or dog who hasn’t loved her! Despite her puppy energy (thank goodness for doggy daycare!), she has wowed us with her ability to remain calm and cool. She matches our energy, as we hoped a Bernedoodle would do! She has the hair of a poodle but slightly more curly. We met a Bernese Mountain Dog the other day and she was about it’s height! She is a beautiful dog and gets many compliments, even when she hasn’t had a haircut in a couple weeks! She loves being outdoors, snow or not! We joke about her Bernese-side; she fell in love with the snow but tolerates the heat! We love our little black sheep ;) "
- Louise | July 2018