"(Avery)Rosy is seven months today! We thought she was going to be named Poppy but Rosy was a better fit. She is such a wonderful puppy! She potty trained quickly, is sweet with people, and is so smart! We are teaching her new tricks all the time. We call her "nosy Rosy", because she is curious about everything! She weighs just over 50 pounds now and is slowly turning grey just like you thought! Please find attached pictures from the beach this last week. Rosy liked to swim, chase birds, and say hello to everyone. We are constantly asked where we got her and recommend Angel Breeze often. We are so thankful we found Rosy and Angel Breeze. Tell her Mom and Dad they did good and know she is well loved!! She is getting fixed on Monday. "
- The Steibel Family | August 2020