"Hello! Rosie has a great summer and fall with a new yard and her best friend Tully! We can't believe she will be 2 in January!"
- Michelle | November 2019

"Hope all is well! Here are some updated photos of Rosie girl from this winter/spring! She is doing great and we love her so much!"
- Michelle | May 2019

"Hello, We would be happy to talk to Jason! Please give him our email and phone number. Aww! Thank you so much for putting us on the home page!!! I often find myself on the website looking for her brother and sister updates. Rosie has been doing great, she really running like crazy in the snow the other day! She developed some allergies in the fall but with medicine, she got better quickly. I cannot believe she is almost 1. Seems like just yesterday we picked up our sweet girl. I have attached a picture from Thanksgiving. More to come to I'm sure with the holidays!! Great to hear from you,"
- Michelle, Adam and Rosie | November 2018

"Hello! Hope all is well with you! Attached is the receipt of Rosie (Emma’s) spay. She is doing great and we love her so much! She is 8 months and only weighs about 45 lbs! Here are some updated photos from summer!"
- Michelle | October 2018

"Hello!! Hope All is well! Rosie (Emma) is doing amazing, we love her so much! We were curious what type of shampoo you used? She smelled so great when she came home! Here are some updated photos of her. She is almost fully potty trained :-) She is enjoying the nice weather and long walks. We absolutely love her! Thank you,"
- Michelle | May 2018

"Good Morning! We are so in love with our new puppy Rosie (Emma). We have had her for a little over a week and she has quickly stolen our hearts. Rosie is very sweet and loving to everyone she meets. She is social with people and other dogs. Rosie has loved her cage since day 1 and sleeps through the night with no cries:) She has learned her name and how to sit. She quickly learned how to walk on her lease and even sits at each crosswalk on walks! We are still working on controlling those puppy bites! We wanted to share some of our favorite photos of our Rosie :) Thank you!"
- Michelle and Adam | March 2018