"Hope you're enjoying the July 4th weekend. Sending along some photos of my little queen over here. Rosie (aka Libby) is enjoying her first summer! She's very curious around our swimming pool. I wonder if she will ever try to jump in? HAHA. She is the absolute best- brings smiles to all! Stay in touch and thank you for giving me the most beautiful Sheepadoodle!"
- Alexis | July 2021

"Rosie (aka Libby) got a fresh grooming on Friday. We went for a morning walk to beat the afternoon summer heat. Here are a couple of photos! Do you have any other photos of her siblings?! I'm so curious if they look like her! LOL. Rosie is such a joy. Everywhere I go people stop me and ask where I got her and what type of dog she is. I'm certainly a proud (and lucky) doodle Momma! "
- Alexis | May 2021

"I hope you are well. Rosie (aka Libby) is doing absolutely fantastic. I love her SO MUCH. She really is my whole world! She just had her spay surgery last Thursday and is recovering fast and well. She weighs 48lbs at 6 months old! How big do you think she will get?! She is SO CUTE! I would love to stay connected to Rosie's siblings. Let me know what else you need from me! Also, here are some photos! I am telling you everyone who sees me walking this Princess stops me and asks where she came from. She is so beautiful!"
- Alexis | April 2021

"Hello! I hope you are staying well. Reaching out to share some photos of little miss Rosie (aka Libby) as she is growing so fast!!!! Hopefully these photos go through (I'm sending from my phone). She is almost fully vaccinated now- her final vaccines are coming up in a couple of weeks! The vet said she looks wonderful, and that she is going to be a big girl and have long legs. I think she is over 30 lbs now (getting hard to lift her haha). Rosie is such a joy in my life and I love her so so much! She's doing well with her puppy training and is starting to take big girl walks and doing a little more distance. She is very social too- loves to be around people and dogs. Her personality is so spunky and vibrant. What a beautiful pup she is!!!! I will continue sending you photos so you can stay connected to this little one. Oh and by the way- Niko and Rosie are buddies now!! YAY! Best,"
- Alexis | February 2021

"Little miss Rosie (aka Libby). She has been so much fun and such a joy in my life already- I am so grateful for her and love her so very much!
She has been acclimating well to her new home. We have her separated from Niko our 2-yr old Westie for now because he's just a little too temperamental for comfort to have them engage directly. In time we will peel the layers back as he gets more familiar and comfortable with her in the house.
Today we got them to go to the park on a short walk and after about 15 minutes of slowly walking, they got to sniff each other's butts for the first time without either of them getting too excited which was a big win and step in the right direction! Each day we'll continue getting them to walk together on neutral grounds for a bit so that the bond continues to positively develop over time. I will say Rosie holds her ground- she barks right back at him if he barks at her haha! She has lots of spunk and is truly a resilient puppy girl!
Today we also took Rosie to her first vet appointment. Attached you will see the invoice as proof that she saw the doc. You will be pleased to hear that this little girl gained ~2-pounds since Friday when we picked her up. She weighed in today at about 9.10-pounds!! The vet said she is a beautiful and very healthy puppy! We have a follow-up appt for next Monday, 12/28 at 5PM EST for her next vaccine- she didn't want to administer anything today given the records you provided.
That all said, she is certainly doing well across the board with her food/water intake, sleeping, playing and potty time! She is getting used to her collar, walking on the leash and her harness (which we only use for the seatbelt in the car or if we are doing a walk with Niko for comfort).
I will continue sharing updates with you and sending photos/videos so you can stay connected to her.
Thank you so much again for everything, and thank you for my little Rosie! "
- Alexis | December 2020