"Here are some more pics of Roshan (aka Eve)! Just the best little girl!! She is the most gentle and playful pup! She is 8 months and 49 lbs of all love!! She has been the best Covid-19 partner! Don't know what I would of done without her! She made the tough days and moment better. Nothing her big paw hugs couldn't make a bit better!"
- Jade | July 2020

"Hi, I hope you and your family (and all the pups) are safe and healthy. Miss Ro (Eve) is doing fantastic! She is 25 weeks and perfect!! The sweetest and most gentle little lady! People love her! I wanted to speak with you regarding her spay. Due to the Covid her vet is recommending we wait to do her procedure which also includes a gastropexi. Wanted to see if I could speak with you about this because the vets recommended treatment plan will cause us to perform the spay past the 9 month spay contract I signed. Want to get your thoughts and see if there is a way to work around the agreement due to the current Covid situation and vet recommendations. Let me know a good time to connect today or tomorrow. Thank you!! Look forward to speaking with you soon!"
- Jade | April 2020

"We decided to call her Roshan (meaning of bright light in Farsi) but will be mostly going by Ro. :) She is doing fantastic! Went to vet yesterday and she is in perfect health. :) We are headed to our first puppy class this evening. She is doing very well! I've given your name out to several folks! She is the hit of the town! :)"
- Jade | January 2020

"Wanted to say Eve (aka Roshan) arrived and is the snuggliest little girl in the world! Can't get her off my lap! :) Loving her so much! She is absolutely perfect!! Thank you for your professionalism and for being an excellent breeder! So blessed to have found you! We go to the vet Monday morning. Will confirm once we go. Will keep you posted on her progress! :) "
- Jade | January 2020