"Rory was spayed on Tuesday! She's already back to her goofball self. Please see the certificate attached and more photos of our girl. We can't believe she's going to be 1 tomorrow!"
- Alex | August 2021

"I hope you're doing well! We wanted to send you an update on Rory's (Zelly's) spay appointment. She was scheduled to be spayed at the end of this month, but came into heat! The vet told us we needed to reschedule for at least 10 weeks after she's done. It's scheduled for Aug 3rd! We will send over the proof of that as soon as it happens.

I've attached a few photos for you! Rory is the best dog we could have ever asked for. Very goofy but also very smart! She loves absolutely everyone she meets, adult, child, other dog, everyone! We've worked really hard on training with her and it's paying off. She's the most well behaved 9 month old puppy anyone has ever met! Living in a beach town in NH, she's loving life. We truly don't know what we would without her. We saw Brillo and Tanner had another big litter - gosh what great puppies."
- Alex, Craig & Rory | May 2021