Roosevelt and Pearl

"Hi! I was just thinking about you today when our sweet Roosevelt found out he passed all of his therapy dog training! He is officially a graduate of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and we will be heading to the hospital soon to start our training there. We have had so many compliments during the past 6 months of tests and observations on how well tempered he is. Everyone just loves to get visits from him, and wants to talk about his breed type. The therapy testers mentioned time and time again how they couldn't get over how loving and calm he was. Our newest puppy, Pearl (Holly) just turned one!! We hope she follows in Roosevelt's footsteps soon of becoming a therapy dog, but she's too young for now. We just love her so much!!! She's our active dog who loves to go for runs with her dad! She and Roosevelt also just got back from the mountains and loved all the hikes we took them on! (See pictures) Oh, and she never turned grey or brindle like we thought! She looks so much like her brother we call them by the wrong names sometimes!! We had to give them blue and pink collars to help! The first few pictures are earlier on the the ones at the end are more recent. She's giving Roosevelt a run for his money in the size category. As you can see, we are loving life with the sweet animals we had the blessing of getting from you!! Thanks again Erma! We hope all is well with you!!"
- Dustin and Samantha | July 2019

Thanks so much for the update. That is so awesome! I really enjoy you keeping us in the loop. Would you say the 2 dogs are opposite in temperament?
- Angel Breeze Puppies

I would say as puppies they were very different. The first weekend Pearl would growl at me when I went to pick her up and wasn't as cuddly. But we did a lot of training and other than chewing a few things she wasn't supposed to (which Ro did too) she's great now! We have socialized her a lot and she's not aggressive toward anyone, and I think in another year she will be much more calm. She just gets excited and doesn't realize how big she is. But Ro definitely went through the same thing, and totally mellowed out as he got older. We have just found with Pearl, she does best with activity so we just make sure to walk her or get her energy out somehow. We love them both for their personalities. If it wasn't for Pearl, Ro would sleep all day so her playful energy keeps the older two dogs feeling young and energetic. In fact our oldest cockapoo has a degenerative disc disease that they told us we would HAVE to pay for a surgery for because it was the worst case they've seen. Once we got Roosevelt and eventually Pearl, she's not having flair ups anymore and it's been 3 years since and no surgery. The vet said all she can think of is the other two dogs are keeping her moving and the exercise and companionship has been her treatment. She doesn't even have to take her medications anymore!! Bottom line, we love them both and wouldn't change a thing :)
- Dustin and Samantha

"Hope this finds you doing well. Attached is a photo of Pearl's (formerly Holly) spay receipt from her procedure in keeping with our contract with you. She is a great pup and lots of fun. We have told a lot of people in the area about our experience with our two dogs from you, so expect to get some more SC business in the future. "
- Dustin and Samantha | November 2018

"Everything went great today. We got Pearl (Holly) right after her flight landed. She was still clean and made a good pee in the grass of the airport right away so she seemed well hydrated. She came home, had a bath, and ate a full meal. She is now acclimating to our other dogs. She is beautiful. Thank you so much."
- Dustin and Samantha | August 2018

"Hi, This is Samantha LeBlanc. We bought Roosevelt (Gordon) from you two years ago. Not sure if you remember. He is such a happy and healthy dog. We love him so much that we are itching to get a female Sheepadoodle. The only catch is we moved to South Carolina. We have been researching breeders around here, but we haven’t felt 100% comfortable with anyone yet. We looked up how far it would be to get to you and are willing to travel because we just feel like you are the best fit for us. We really want a female dog for Ro to be able to play with. Do you mind giving us a run down of how to proceed with things?? We hope you’re doing well!!! He’s some of his most current pictures. He’s so big and fluffy. We just love him to pieces! Thank you so much,"
- Samantha | May 2018

"Hi, Hope all is well. We just wanted to send you a picture of our Sheepadoodle, Roosevelt Gordon LeBlanc. He is doing wonderfully. He is 40+ pounds, smart as a whip, and super loving."
- LeBlancs | March 2016