Ronan (F1b)

"My name is Ronan Arthur Newcomer (aka Jordin) and this past weekend, I turned one years old. I am a Mini Bernedoodle, but my mama always calls me baby. Right now I weigh 33 pounds, and daddy calls me his big boy. Back in February, my new daddy and mommy came and took me from you and they are my family now. I love my new home, although I am a little scared of stairs. I like to play outside and eat rabbit poop, but then I get yelled at—which I do not like, but I still do it. Sometimes there are rabbits that I chase. One day I hope to catch them. I eat Purina puppy food, but sometimes it’s a little spicy. Most of the day, I sit under mommy’s chair as she works on her lectures and I wait for daddy to get home so we can play Roughhouse Rony. My favorite game to play is tugs; I could play it all day long if I had someone to play with, but mommy and daddy are old and get tired quickly. I like it when little humans are around because they don’t tire…and I can lick their face. Anyway, maybe one day I can come back and see you and meet my old puppy family and maybe say hi to my cat friend. Love, Rony"
- Nathan | December 2022