Roccoo Bernedoodle Puppy

"I have attached a copy of Rocco's Neuter Records and a Recent Pic :) "
- Rod and Cara | December 2017

Bernedoodle Puppy Roccoo

"We just wanted to let you know how much we love little "Rocco", aka Warren. When he first saw us at the airport through his kennel, he knew he was ours! He licked our fingers through the kennel bars, and could hardly wait to get out and into our arms. He rode all the way home from the airport in my husband's arms in the front seat. He snuggled all the way, a 45-minute drive. He was so sleepy from the long day of travel, but very relieved to be in his new home. He immediately ate a full cup of the Royal Canin Maxi Puppy, and drank and drank his water. We stayed up for most of the night just cuddling him and making him feel welcome and safe. By the next day, he was starting to learn his way around our house and getting more comfortable romping and playing all around. By Monday, the 2nd day, he had already learned to ring the "potty bell" hanging from our door, to tell us he needed to go to the bathroom outside. If he couldn't hold it, he would go on the training pad we set by the door. He had a few "accidents" as well, but it was all part of the learning process. My husband also trained him to sit and lay, and he learned immediately. We are amazed at what a quick learner he is! He is now almost completely potty trained, only going on the mat very occassionally if he can't hold it, but he knows to go outside. No more accidents at all! He also sleeps through the night, and only wakes us in the morning around the time we get up anyway, to let us know he needs to go out. We are again amazed how fast he learned this and is letting us sleep! During the days, he loves to play with his puppy chew toys, chew on anything and everything in sight including our fingers and toes :), lie on the cool tile floor instead of his puppy bed, go for short walks, and meet other dogs and people in the neighborhood, especially children. He is definitely the perfect companion dog, as he loves loves loves people! He was a star patient at his first visit to our vet! Everyone there loved him, and of course he loves them right back! :). He is growing like a weed! And not to mention his fluffy hair, which is coming in very thick and wavy! It's funny how after a few days, he woke up one morning with a curly head like his mama... it's so cute to see different traits from both his mama and daddy. We think he got the best of both :). We are looking forward to seeing how he continues to grow and learn even more, and we are so thankful that Rocco is now a part of our family!
Please see the attached picture... it's a small collage of some of our memories from Rocco's first week with us! Thank you for making our dream of having a beautiful, loyal, loving family pet a reality! "
- Cara and Rod | April 2017