"Hello there! It’s Katelyn, checking in to let you know that we waited until rigsby’s 6 month birthday to get him neutered but here’s his proof that he did for your breeding rights and contract! We just got it done yesterday but I felt like I needed to let you know ASAP! If you need me to mail you anything or anything different please let me know! Once his cone is off I will send you an updated photo of him! He weighs 66 lbs at 6 months old! He’s a tank and we love him! He is absolutely amazing!! :) Thank you so much! "
- Katelyn Osborn | June 2018

"Hello, I just now realized I never sent you pictures or the name we gave Huntley. His new name is Rigsby! And he is doing AMAZING! We love him and he's a great companion to our other pup. Thank you so much! Also was wondering what your largest Bernedoodle has been out of all of your previous pups?! Or if you have any idea? Thank you,"
- Katelyn Osborn | February 2018