"Hi there, I thought I would send some updated photos of Porter (aka Forest) and share his instagram page (Porter.thesheepadood). He's become a big boy (now 60 lbs.) and recently got a haircut. "
- Brittni | February 2019

"Hi, Attached is Porter's neutering paperwork and some recent photos. He's doing great...a healthy 45lbs at 5 months...I need his growing to slow down some :) We can't get enough of him and couldn't ask for a better puppy (he was fully potty trained within a few weeks and knows several tricks)!"
- Brittni | November 2018

"Here are some photos of Porter. We absolutely LOVE him and couldn't have asked for a better addition! :) He's loving leaves, water, and ice cubes, but we're struggling with keeping his mouth white, sleeping at night and puppy biting. Can you share the shampoo you used on him for his bath? He smelled soo good when we picked him up!! "
- Brittni | August 2018

"Hello, We landed on Porter for a name for Forest. We love him!! Is there anything else you needed for his micro chip registration? Attached is the receipt from my vet. Let me know if you need anything else!"
- Brittni | August 2018