"Hi! Hope you are doing well! I wanted to give you and update on Poppy. She's such a WONDERFUL girl. Friendly, well mannered, smart, and so loving. The best dog we've had. She is a little over 1 year old now and weighs about 69 pounds. Perfect size, perfect pup! Thanks again for a wonderful dog. We will be getting another from you within the next few years! Is Poppy's mama and still being bred at this point? Take care,"
- Christina | June 2019

"Hi, I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to send you our family Christmas picture this year with the addition of Poppy. She continues to be an excellent dog. She will be tested in her obedience training this Wednesday, and has been a star in her class! Our goal is to put her through therapy dog training. She has a great temperament for this. Such a good girl! We refer anyone who is looking for a sheepadoodle to you. We have decided that in a few years, we will be getting another one from you. She is the BEST! I trust that you and your husband will have a wonderful Christmas. May God bless you in the coming year. "
- Christina | December 2018

"Hi, Hope you’re doing well! Poppy had her spay done last week. She was almost 7 months...we decided we didn’t want her to have a heat before we did this. She has recovered quickly and is back to her happy, active self! She is a lot of fun! I have attached a picture of her. She is 46 pounds today at 7 months old. We love her so much!"
- Christina | October 2018

"Hi, Poppy is doing great and we are enjoying her very much! Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Poppy is 6 months now. She’s almost 44 pounds. Thanks!"
- Christina | September 2018

"Hi! I hope all is going well with you! Just wanted to let you know that Poppy is growing up fast and doing fantastic. She was fully potty trained by 5 months, walks on her leash well and does a fantastic job keeping us entertained! She is 22 weeks and 39 pounds. Couldn’t ask for a better dog! Take care,"
- Christina | August 2018

"Hi! Poppy has been doing great! Went to the vet and had a few booster shots. She weighs 18 pounds at 11 weeks old! I think she may be a big girl! She and my schnoodle, Luca, get along very well. It’s a great friendship they’ve started. Thanks for a great pup, and I hope your summer is going well. Take care,"
- Christina | June 2018

Angel Breeze: Does she still throw her fits and growl?

Christina: No! I'll tell you what we did...when she'd growl and snip, we would hold her really tight with her head against our chest till she quit. We'd say really quietly and calmly, "Settle down, be nice, it's okay." and wait till she went limp. It took us about a week for her to understand she isn't going to get away with this...now she complies! :-)

"Hi! Poppy (formerly Audrey, then Lola!) has had a great week! She has learned to sit and “off” commands. She met over 200 people this weekend at my sons graduation party. She was friendly and remained confident and unafraid of new people and other dogs. Such a good girl! I will email you the receipt from her vet checkup on Friday. Our vet said she is very healthy and a beautiful pup! He said she will be a big girl. 12.5 pounds at 8 weeks! Thank you again. I hope you have a great week!"
- Christina | May 2018

"Hi Erma! Just wanted to let you know we changed Lola’s name to Poppy! Our dog, Luca, was getting confused every time we called “Lola!” So...we went with our second choice! Hope this doesn’t mess anything up with her microchip. Let me know if I need to do anything on my end. Another good day yesterday and a good night! She fussed a bit more about going to bed, but settled fairly quickly and slept through till 5 am 😀"
- Christina | May 2018

"Good morning! Lola had a great night. We spent time playing and teaching her sit and “off” until about 10:30pm. She was great about going “potty outside”. No accidents. She fell asleep at 10:45pm and we woke her up at 5:30 for potty and breakfast. She did her business outside and played, met our friends golden retriever, played some more, pottied outside again and now is taking a nap. She has acclimated well so far! She picks up quickly on what we want and she is attentive to direction. So far, so good! Thanks for a great pup!"
- Christina | May 2018

"Hi, We got home about an hour ago and introduced Lola (formerly Audrey) to our boys. The intros went well and our boys were gentlemen to Lola and welcomed her to our home! They ran in the yard and had a little snack and now Lola is napping in the sunroom. I’ll continue to keep you updated! Thanks so much! Sincerely,"
- Christina | May 2018