"We wanted to share a recent wedding pic with us and Piper (Trina)! She is over a year old and we love her more every day!"
- Erin | June 2020

"Piper is doing well. She is the best little girl and very well behaved for a puppy. She has been easy to train and is full of energy. She loves to give hugs! She is great with people and especially children. We couldn't have asked for a better pup! Thanks so much :)"
- Erin | November 2019

"Hi, We were hoping to get Trina's puppy pics to have. We went to the original email you sent and saw they are now removed. Is there any chance you still have them? Happy fourth! We love our Piper (Trina)! Thanks,"
- Erin | July 2019

"Here are pics! We love her"
- Erin | June 2019