"Here is proof of Pearl getting spayed.Pearl brings so much joy to my husband and I, she has completely stolen our hearts! She is definitely full of personality and she loves everyone she meets. I would say so far Pearl is very low shedding. I don't find her fur on the furniture or on our clothes, just sometimes I'll find dust bunnies of it in the corners of the floor. I really like the looks of her, I like the shorter snout and wider head That I believe comes from her f2b heritage. She's pretty stubborn and if she doesn't want to do something you can't make her, but she is also very smart and seems to catch on quickly. I hope that helps! As you can see she has adjusted to our family beautifully!"
- Jennifer | May 2020

"We decided on the name Pearl, she seems to like it. we are home safe and sound and Pearl has already eaten her lunch and peed outside. We are in love already! The soonest I could get an appointment with our vet is Thursday February 27th at 11:30. That being said I can't imagine there being any problems, she seems very healthy and strong! She is fitting in with us wonderfully and she is bringing us lots of joy ! Pearl (aka Ravyn) loves the grandkids too. I think she's bigger already, lol! I'll send more updates soon,"
- Jennifer | February 2020