"Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving a little early! Pantoufle had a little yeast in one ear when we saw the vet today. He suggests a bi monthly cleaning regimen. We discussed pulling out the hair from the inside of Pantoufle’s ears, and the vet says he does not recommend it unless necessary. How do you care for your dogs’ ears? Any other advice? Did you get much snow?"
- Dawn and Bryan | November 2018

"Hello! We just celebrated Pantoufle’s first birthday. Thank you so much for the of joy this dear little puppy! She is happy and healthy. We had her spade before her first heat and she healed very quickly. She hiked 4 1/2 miles with me today and is now sleeping like a log. Have a lovely summer!"
- Dawn and Bryan | June 2018

"Good morning! This dear brilliant puppy has enriched our lives beyond the telling of it. My sister, who I have nicknamed the Dog Whisperer, says that Pantoufle doesn't count as us having a puppy because she is so easy, sweet, and good! Here she drug a pillow over to the blankets and lay her head on it for a nap! Here she is dancing with Bryan. Pantoufle's weight doubled in the first month we had her! Thank you !!"
- Dawn and Bryan | September 2017

"Hello, Thank you for raising and trusting us with this absolutely darling puppy!! We decided to call Charity, Pantoufle - French for slipper - after the imaginary kangaroo in the movie Chocolat, and because she has four white feet. She is sooooo easy thus far! The car ride home, though long with stops every half hour for potty breaks, gave her no trouble at all. Bless the little darling for sleeping three uninterrupted hours in a row during the night too - though we sleep near her and check on her every time she rolls over. She loves the crate, and goes in herself when she wants a nap or to go down for the evening. Pantoufle saw the Vet today, and he gave her a clean bill of health as I'm sure you knew he would. Pantoufle is 9.8 pounds, and we are finding it hard to fathom that she will eventually be 50-70 pounds! Thank you for starting her de-worming and other shots, removing her dewclaws, and shaving her bottom. Thank you for giving her good veterinary care and a loving healthy environment to grow in. We registered her with the AKC Reunite. We'll send pictures as she grows!! Thanks again!"
- Dawn and Bryan | August 2017