Otis Earle

"Our Otis Earle is doing exceptionally well. He now has a social life as he goes to the dog park ("DP" as we call it) and he has many friends. We love this guy! Merry Christmas!"
- Teresa | December 2018

"Good morning! Happy July to you! Our boy, Otis (formerly Shane) is growing up so fast. He weighed 63.6 pounds at the Vet this past Saturday. Boy has grown into a big PLAYFUL, loyal fluff ball! He graduated from Level 2 puppy training and is doing well with his commands, that is until he see cows in the back pasture. He especially likes the black/white heifer. "Are you my momma?" 😁 Otis has two older fur sisters - Lilith Grace, a rescue terrier-mix, and Annabelle Mae, a yorkie. Even though they are small (10-12lbs). they play with Otis and keep him entertained. One of his new favorites things is drinking water from the water hose when I water the garden or potted plants. This big guy is such a character and I believe that he is always smiling! He's only had a "fluff and go" grooming and we are looking for a groomer who knows how to groom doodles. Do you have any recommendations as to how long we should leave his coat? I've attached photos of our big boy and also the receipt from the vet for neutering. Thank you again. We love our fluff ball!"
- Teresa | July 2018

"Hey there! Just an update on Otis Earle! Today he is 5 months old and weighs 43 pounds! He is a good boy; he can sit and shake; and, he is a delightful addition to our family! Otis makes us laugh every single day! Also today, he started school! As tradition in our family - we took first day of school photos. Here are photos - Enjoy! Blessings from Texas,"
- Dave, Teresa, Annabelle, Lilith and little Otis | March 2018

"Merry Christmas from Dave, Lilith, William, Teresa, Annabelle, Otis, Julia & Chad. "
- Dave | January 2018

"Hi Yes, Shane arrived safe and sound. He wasn't messy. Only one little wet spot in his house. We have decided to name him Otis. I emailed a picture of us when we picked him up at the airport. I will try and send it again. He is so Handsome!! Big paws! We love him!! "
- Dave | December 2017