"Hi!! Oslo is doing great. He’s a big boy now. Here are some pictures of him before and after his first haircut. "
- Rachel and Dani | October 2018

"Hi, Here are some more photos of Oslo. He is the best puppy ever!! We love him. Best,"
- Rachel | June 2018

"Hi! Oslo is amazing!!!! He is sooooo cuddly and sweet. He is so friendly and loves people and plays so nicely with other dogs. Thanks again!!! He’s already around 30 lbs and growing so fast! Was wondering how much Elsa and sawyer weigh? Just curious."
- Rachel | May 2018

"Hi, We absolutely LOVE Oslo!!! He has such a cuddly and sweet personality and is so smart! He learns so fast and already knows a bunch of commands and to go to the balcony door when he needs to pee. He learned how to walk so nicely with us in the streets of NYC. He loves playing with other dogs and loves going to the park! Thank you again!! "
- Rachel and Dani | April 2018

"Hi, We love Ethan!!! We named him Oslo :) He had a great first day with us! We played inside, went to the vet, and went for short walks outside. He's asleep in his crate now. He's doing great! Thanks again!!!"
- Rachel and Dani | April 2018