"Wanted to fill ya in! Finn turned two and is such a joy to have around! He is such a friendly and happy boy. He got a healthy check up from the vet and is doing great. Thanks and I hope you are doing well!!"
- Trevor | May 2021

"Finn's proof of neuter & a pic! Finn's been amazing such a happy puppy!"
- Trevor | March 2020

"Wanted to update you on Oscar now (Finn). He's doing so well and has a clean bill of health. He's up to about 23 pounds and is so friendly to everyone he meets. He finished up his first session of Puppy classes and will enroll in another session in about 2-3 weeks. Thanks for everything and will continue to keep you updated."
- Trevor | June 2019

"He arrived safe and sound!!!"
- Trevor | April 2019