"I hope all is well with you. Oreo (sheepadoodle) will be 1 yr old next week on Nov.21st.I can't believe we have had him this long. I measured Oreo and couldn't believe he is 29 inches at the shoulders. He is huge! I measured twice to be sure I had done it correctly. He weighs around 70# . He is a happy, handsome boy! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours"
- Nancy | November 2015

"Oreo is doing so well. He has so much energy. I had to clip him down since the heat in Texas is so bad this year."
- Nancy | July 2015

"Just thought I would update you on how Oreo (sheepadoodle) is doing. He is now 7 months old and weighs about 60 lbs and is still growing taller. Here are a couple of pictures of him in his summer haircut. He looks so regal and handsome but still acts like a clumsy puppy and we love everything about him! :)"
- Nancy | June 2015

"Oreo (sheepadoodle) is doing fine and weighed 56 lbs 2 weeks ago when we took him to get him neutered. We may want to get a second Sheepadoodle. Do you have their hips checked or are the parents hips checked? We have been learning a lot on the Facebook Sheepadoodle group and wondered about the hips. If we get a second one, it would probably be a female with lots of white on her. I just love the breed! Here is a picture of Oreo with his shorts on after his neutering. The shorts work much better than the cone of shame we first tried. He hated that cone! :)"
- Nancy | May 2015

"Oreo (sheepadoodle) did great at his first grooming session except when they tried to pluck his ear hairs! But the groomer loved him! He is almost 50 lbs now.He is the sweetest puppy. Very lovable, content and happy!"
- Nancy | April 2015

"Oreo (sheepadoodle) is doing well and is growing like a weed!"
- Nancy | February 2015

"We named him Oreo since he looks like he has white icing on his face! He has already learned to climb up on the sofa to snuggle with us. He is just a little bundle of joy. So glad I picked him!"
- Nancy | February 2015