"Hello- just an update on the great work one of your pups is doing - Ollie- purchased March of 2018. WVU medicine gives a "Above and Beyond" award to someone every month - Ollie was given this award for providing love to a patient desperately in need of love. Ollie has made a fantastic therapy both in my school and throughout our community. Thank you for letting us be his family"
- Debbie | July 2020

"Looks who turns 2! Ollie celebrated his birthday with his friends at school where he is a therapy dog spreading love to all staff and students. He is the absolute best boy."
- Debbie | January 2020

"You are probably tired of Ollie pics but he is such a rock star here. (Click here to view the article)"
- Debbie | February 2019

"Look who turned "1" this week!"
- Debbie | January 2019

"Hope all is well- Ollie was neutered Nov.12- Ollie would like yo wish everyone a Merry Christmas from him and his family."
- Debbie | December 2018

"Ollie is living the life here in Buckhannon WV- he attends school everyday and is an absolute joy to the 800 students that attend Buckhannon Upshur Middle School. He is scheduled to be neutered Nov. 12th. Thank you for raising such great puppies! Ollie’s mom"
- Debbie | October 2018

"Ollie is an amazing dog - he goes to school everyday."
- Debbie | September 2018

"Ollie (aka Eldon) is currently at obedience school and the trainers said to tell the Breeder that Ollie was German Shepherd smart-lol. He said he was the smartest doodle he had trained. Good job to your stock he said. I will send a video of me working him. Ollie is a Sheepadoodle from your January litter. "
- Debbie | July 2018

"Update on Ollie - he is doing wonderful- to remind you which litter he was the Sheepadoodle I pick up on st. Patrick’s day. My vet will not neuter till he is 11 months or older. He is going to be a fantastic therapy dog for my classroom. "
- Debbie | July 2018