"Ollie just turned one on July 5 so I thought I would share some photos with you! He is so damn fun and adorable. He's goofy, clownish, affectionate, sweet, and energetic. We love him so much. We had a puppy party for him and our neighbors bernedoodle. He gets neutered tomorrow. "
- Sarah | July 2021

ANGEL BREEZE: Ollie was rehomed to the Snyders, due to first owner having pregnancy complications, etc.

"Oh my gosh, I haven't even shared anything w you. Yes we decided to adopt Ollie! We got him on December 13th and we are so in love with him. I'm so happy we made the decision. He's beautiful, loyal, silly, cuddly. I can't get enough and one of us has been with him every minute since we got him. He's amazing. He gets a lot of exercise. We take him on probably 10 walks per day and we have a fenced In area for him to be free. There's a ton of dogs in our complex so he's made a lot of friends and has play dates often. He's been to the vet and he's good to go on vaccinations and preventatives. He gets constant attention w us so I think he's much better off here. I attached some photos!"
- Sarah | January 2021