"He's weighing in at 75 lbs. We love him!"
- The Murphys | May 2022

"We decided to name "Klay" Ollie. He had his vet visit yesterday. They encouraged us to wait until he is closer to a year to have him neutered and I will be sure to send that confirmation along to you. It was lovely to meet you in person. Ollie has settled well. I so appreciated the time you took with us to get to know about Ollie and helpful tips. I found myself mimicking some of your language about - "would I want this behavior when he's big!?" I hope these pics come through. I included a lower quality one, just to show his favorite spot- cool tile. He already knows the "leave it command" and has been surprisingly awesome with "come." Chewing and nipping is taking consistency and patience, but we were anticipating that with the Old English genes. You can tell he wants to figure it out! He really has a lovely temperament."
- Sharon | September 2021